Led flashing red after burn?

Am I the only one who has this “thing” happening. When the burning is done and I open the tray, the tray isn’t going out at once but the led is flashing red a couple of times. I use Nero It looks as if it’s burning or something before the tray finally opens.

r u sure the burning is done or u are mising the lead out part???

Burning process consits in 3 parts:
lead in
data burning
lead out

The burning is done. I can even close Nero and still when I eject the tray this thing happens.

That’s normal. This happens cause at that moment your drive is closing the dvd.


So, what happens if I power down the computer or. . .OR a recording finishes but then the computer goes into S3 standby and powers off automatically. The recording is finished, but the disc isn’t closed? Maybe one of those “end of sense” messages when scanning, but disc plays back fine?

Why isn’t the dvd being closed until I eject the disc?

Whether or not it’s normal or if the disc is being closed I’m not positive. I have two retail model BenQ DW1620 drives and both do the flashing red light thing before ejecting a disc after I just burned a disc. The discs have all played back just fine and are closed so I don’t care about it. I think, but am not sure, that it’s just the way the BenQ drive operates. I say this because both of my DW1620s do this and I have heard many others say the same about their DW1620 drives. I really wouldn’t worry about it if your discs work just fine. I don’t care if the light blinks, the drive coughs, or if it sneezes. My discs come out and work properly. That’s the bottom line for me. I really think it’s just the way the DW1620 was made to act and is normal for that particular model.

Probably the only way to know for sure is to ask BenQ. Anyone care to email or call BenQ about this? I’m not worried about it though. Maybe I’m a little curious as to whether or not I’m correct about it being normal behavior for the DW1620. But, my discs are just fine so…

I think I should ask BenQ and see, just beacuse I’m curious too. If I get an answer, I’ll post it in this thread.

Actually I only just noticed something similar happening with my 1620 but only with certain media, I have these Memorex 4x DVD+R [CMC MAG F01] and the 1620 doesn’t seem to like them very much even though I have used the same media before hand without issue.
(Burning in DVD Decrypter pauses for 20 seconds or so at various intervals and then proceeds with a 1 minute+ for the lead out, over aggressive WOPC perhaps ?, my NEC3500 has no problems with the same discs).

Anyway to get to the point after creating a test disc in Nero CD/DVD Speed I press eject the drive’s LED blinks RED for a few moments as if it were burning and then ejects, it even does it if CD/DVD Speed is not running.

Odd because other media don’t seem to do this, I will have to look into it a bit more & I’m interested in what BenQ says too.

Thanks. I’m looking forward to hearing an official explanation straight from BenQ themselves about this. :smiley:

Maybe the drive is bitsetting?

I don’t think so because I believe it flashes red when ejecting a burned DVD-R disc as well. I’ll have to confirm this for sure though.

It doesn’t seem to act this way all the time. Is it only when a +R is being burned or am I wrong. We should do a little detectivework. Is it just nero, just +R or something else?

In my case, the “red flashing upon door open” happens in only one context:

Nero has finished, given the “success” message about the burn, but I haven’t closed the dialog. At this state, Nero must still have some command active in the drive, but not one for writing. At this stage, Explorer can’t show a directory, so the operating system doesn’t have general access to the drive. It is in this condition that I get the “red flashing” upon eject.

If I close Nero, however, the drive doesn’t flash red upon eject.

This seems harmless to me. I don’t think there’s actual writing going on; it appears to be a “drive state” thing happening. Nero hasn’t quite let go.

It does it for me with Nero and also with CloneDVD. I know for sure that it does it with DVD+R discs with the above two recording apps. I will try some DVD-R discs when I have a chance and see if the red light blinks when ejecting the burned disc.

i think the red bliking means also locked drive

It didnt happen when I burned a BenQ DVD-R but did when I burned a TY DVD+R same image & same program DVD Decrypter.

So it might as others suggested be setting the booktype perhaps ?? I suppose the only way to know would be to burn a disc and not set the booktype to DVD-ROM so I’ll give it a go and let you know in about 6 minutes : )

Edit:Nope still blinked red for me at least, I guess we’ll have to wait for BenQ to explain this one.

I re-tested a DVD-R disc that I burned with CloneDVD. After it was burned, I ejected it and there was NO blinking red light. I remembered incorrectly before and now think that you’re correct. The drive is probably bitsetting because I now can confirm that it blinks red when ejecting burned DVD+R, DVD+R DL, and DVD+RW media. But, it doesn’t blink red after a burned DVD-R disc is ejected. Maybe others can test this also and confirm this further. Good guess Quakester2000. :iagree: