LED flashes yellow when burning at 8x

Is there somebody they can help me out.
I have Liteon 451S@851S with GSC2 FW, wich was very good to one kind of media burning on 4x speed.I bought some Fuji +R 8x-Taiyo Yuden-Media ID-Yuden000TO2.I wanted to try out burning on 8x speed, wich i did not try before, only ones with some Verbatim +R 4x.The problem is, when i was trying to burn with 8x speed i get some yellow flashing on my drive, wich i didn’t have with Princos burned on 4x!I have patched my drive on SOHW 832S and try to burn again with same media.I got the same results wich was the same like with 851S.After this i wanted to try Princo’s.Problems was the same, every time i have yellow flashing.I use CloneDVD!
Is there anybody some can help, PLEASE :bow:

I know there is a many of you people on this forum some are very good for this.
Is there nobody to help? I don’t see the reason for all this patching and OC for drives if i could not see my movie on my standalone without any hackings and picture freezings!

When burning movies I always try to burn at low speeds irrespective of media capable speed.
By doing this I eliminate any artifacts and problems ,this includes Ritek ,TY Philips ,and CMC media.
Never had much luck with Clone myself ,I preffer to use DVDShrink and DVDSanta and if necessary use Nero to burn.
Hope this helps.

I have burned many movies with my Liteon with same media wich was Princo-R at 4x, and all of them works fine on my standalone.But if i go one step forward and burn my media Fuji+R at 8x, wich my patched drive can handle this, why having problems!
If you know what i’m talking about.

what mediacode are the fuji discs?

I know the feeling mate.
But I had probs with artifacts in video with both LDW851S OC’d to SOHW832S and my current unit SOHW1673S.
I found not all 8X stated media will burn well at 8X but will burn very well at say 6X or 4X with no probs at all.
You could use the LiteOn tools to reset the learned media , available from CoDeGuYs.


This will reset the media learnt by burner and may help ,I had some success with it a while ago.
Worth reading the help file tho.

Best luck

Media ID-Yuden000T02

Hello Rover220!
Like i said, i did not have probs with princos -R burned at 4x!
I did some testing with both Princo and Fuji.Only Fuji i have burned at 8x to improve a speed quallity.But i having now same problem with Princo 4x!After i patched to new SOHW 832S-GC5G FW!
Thnx for response!

Wartex, please use a better thread title if you want to get more replies ;). You’ll find some helpful information about posting in the announcements at the top of the forum.

The yellow flashing indicates that your system cannot supply the data to the drive fast enough. Make sure you have plenty of unfragmented drive space, that dma is enabled (UDMA 2) and that your system is of a high enough specification and does not have any applications running in the background that could rob processing from the burning application.

Note: Our patched 832S firmware (CG5G & CY58) will flash the led yellow during a burn when it recalibrates.

O.K! I will from now!
There is nothing wrong with my comp.
But, tell me, why when is recalibrating my copy of movie is freezing?
I did one copy today burned with 6x, and led was flashing again. I didn’t test my copy now, but i don’t think it’s gonna be a good one!

@ Wartex
In addition to the advice of others, you can check your burn results with Kprobe 2.4.2 BLER scans(scanned at 4x scan speed the forum standard for comparison). You can read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to find out what these graphs mean. PI/PO is now referred to as PI/PIF. Roughly, PImax<280; PIFmax<4. Attaching disc quality scans to your post of the offending discs will help us help you.

O.K! Here is it so.
I did this burn with Princo -R with 4x speed.

Here is another one, burned with 8x speed!

@ Wartex
Following the suggested PIMax<280 and PIFMax<4 guidelines, your Princo scan is not very good, but typical of the poor quality of Princo media. I would be surprised if that disc played without skipping or freezing, particularly at the beginning and end, where the PIFs exceed 4 by a lot.
Your YUDEN000T02 scan looks good, and is typical of scans of this good quality media. The single PIF spikes greater than 4 can be discounted since they occur singularily alone. Those spikes are usually where the recalibration has taken place and the laser has de-, then recoupled from the disc. That disc should play fine on most players. If you are saying the Princo plays fine and the YUDEN skips and freezes, then you have a very finicky player!
Since you are getting scans of expected quality considering the media, what I might guess you are talking about is when you are burning at 8x, your LED occasionally blinks from red(burning) to yellow(‘buffering’, not burning). This is normal for 8x burns and is your drive either shifting speeds or using its recalibration feature, where the laser decouples from the burn for a second or two as the drive recalibrates the power neccessary for a good burn. The laser then recouples with the disc and continues to burn. This action happens several times during a burn. It is normal and nothing to worry about.

My standalone is Sony-DVP-S7700, and i can tell you, player is very sensitive!
I know, that Princo is not a such a good media, but it was working on my standalone.I have been using those princo’s for a long time and all of them was working fine with 451S@851SFWGSC2-Sony standalone.But i was thinking more about burning 8x.I bought Fuji media 8x and upgraded drive to SOHW832S, then i got this led flashing and freezing on my stand alone.I could not burn princo with 4x like i did before.The point is, i would like to burn some of this media with 8x and some of them with 4x, and all of them should work fine on my standalone.This is all i want!

@ Wartex
I can’t explain why your player plays the Princo disc fine and the YudenT02 poorly, other than your player dislikes that specific media(Yudent02). It may even be that the sony player doesn’t read +R media well…I don’t know for sure. That player model is at least 5 years old. Players have gotten much better(and cheaper!) since then. With the excellent YUDEN000T02 scan you posted, there should be no problem playing that on most players. You may wish to try more media that is more compatible with your player(I can’t help you there, probably by ‘trial-and-error’), or you may wish to invest in a new player that will be compatible with the discs you burn.

Bottom line is your problem is not with burn quality…you are getting excellent burn results from the liteon and YudenT02.

I know one thing!I have tryied some +R medias like datawrite,verbatim,fuji…all of them could play on my sony.After this, i found that my standalone could best like -R.So i have continued burning with -R!I have payed for my standalone a lot’s of many in that time, beacuse that was the best player you could find in shops.It was also a 7 years ago.I know that my drive is good, that’s why i have bought it.The main problem is, i would like to burn a dvd-s, both -R and +R, and get them to work on my standalone.

I would also like to thank you for your response and help.
Sorry my english.

Have you tried bitsetting the +R media to -ROM? You can use the “Auto Bitsetting” feature in OmniPatcher or the Liteon BookType/BitSetting Tool.

So, you think that will help not to freezing movie when i burn my media with 8x or 4x?The first fuji media i have burned with 8x was bad, the others i did not check.Maybe it will help if i recalibrate my drive like Please had told?Can i kill the drive with it?