Leave session open?



For some reasons, our customer requires us not to close the session of the burned CD.

As far as I understand the documentation of the “NBF_CLOSE_SESSION” flag,
the whole disk is closed if the flag is omitted.

Is there a way to leave a session open when burning a (data) CD with the Nero API?

Thanks for your input!


Add the NBF_CLOSE_SESSION flag, you can then import previous sessions and create multi-session discs



Dear Mike

Thanks for your reply.

Burning of multisession CDs as well as import of old sessions works quite fine, and this is not what I was looking for.

I desperately need to leave the burned session open (do not write a lead-out). It is not my idea but a requirement of a customer.

Does the Nero API offer this functionality?

Thank you in advance.


AFAIK this is not possible, maybe you can model the required behaviour in some other way e.g. keep a temporary file cache on the HDD and only write to CD when the session would have been closed?



Hi Mike

This is basically a good idea, but in our case the CD is going to be sent to a linux-based laboratory system which obviously casts some magic spells on the non-closed session or whatever. So it is definitely required that the session is not closed.

Hm, if there really is no way in Nero, I’d have to negotiate with the customer and so on. Hope they do not bite my head off :rolleyes:

Does anyone have another idea before I’m going to risk my life on that?