Leave PlexTools running in the background?

I purchased a new Plextor 716A drive and it I had a question about PlexTools.

I have my favorite burning programs such as RecordNowMax, and EAC for audio, so it’s unlikely that I’ll use PlexTools for anything other than a media checker. I also use known good compatible media with the Plextor (as well as my NEC 3520A) such as Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R media.

Knowing that, is it important to leave PlexTools running in the background? Can I stop it and have the Plextor still perform at it’s peak? Will Autostrategy, PoweRec and Buffer Underun Proof still work without PlexTools running? Or even better, with good media and burning it only at it’s 8x speed, so I even need those features running?

I’d like to catch up on the collective knowledge of the Plextor gurus in this forum without having to go through too much trial-and-error. Has anyone concluded which of the above functions are necessary, or good?



I usually leave it running, but even if you completely close down PlexTools all of the functions you mentioned will still work.

PowerREC is enabled when closing PlexTools, so you have to let it run (or disable it using another software) when you do not want to use PowerREC

Any reason to disable Powerec? What’s the consensus?

So far, my first couple burns are unimpressive, and this is with good TY media. I bought the Plextor because I needed a decent CD ripper. Perhaps I’ll stick with my NEC 3520A.

What’s the recommended media for the 716A?


Any reason to disable Powerec? What’s the consensus?
On my PX-716A PowerREC is kinda running amok


Please see this other thread I’m participating in:

Does your burner do the same with any DVD-R media, PoweRec on or off?

Should I be using DVD+R media instead on this Plextor? I never bought any DVD+R media because my other DVD burner is an NEC 3520A and previously owned Pioneers, both which excel at -R media.


No, mine randomly decreased the write speed, sometimes down to 4x on true TYG02 media, without any reason.

I don’t use the PX-716 anymore for burning, I have a lot of review drives that burn better…

I respect your opinion, so that’s good enough for me. I’ll leave it for CD/DVD ripping duties and CD burning. Hopefully it’s okay for that.