Learnt Media?

Could some one please give an explanation of the (frequently seen) phrase “Learnt Media” in a bit more depth than is elsewhere available? I dont fully understand what is meant. (Hope this is the right Forum.)

Exactly what is being “learnt” by the drive? I understand that part of the process improves callibration for the next burn but is this improvement process continual (ie the more burns with the same media the better) or finite? In other words does there come a point at which the drive has nothing further to learn (as in the word “Learnt”)? I read that my drive (LiteOn 451 with CG5J) can store data from 4 burns (per media type?) but does that mean it stops storing data from any more burns or does it overwrite the data as more burns occur? And are we talking about improving quality or speed or both?

Also, does this process only occur when there is no specific firmware write stratergy for the media bieng burnt? Ie; the drive doesn’t recognise it?

How much effect on quality can this learning have? Two points would seem to be apparent. 1)It is better to stick with one type of media once you have settled on the brand you like. 2)When posting (or scrutinising) scans of burns the number of burns made previously with the media in question should be stated.

Thanks for any answers.