"Learnt Media" can trash burns?



Sorry, no scans, but I did the following:

I had flashed KS0A with the recommended tweaks set in omnipatcher, DVD+/-R read speed to 16x, and 16X and 12X burning enabled for YudenT0002 (8X+r). I didn’t set the T03 strat for T02.

I did the first burn trying to do a 12X burn, but Alcohol, with all its “illegal speed for this medium” errors with the 5 chipset burners (1653S, 73 and 93S, but NOT with the 1633 BSOS (I had that drive too). Unfortunately Alcohol locked it to 6X (I think it said something like "illegal speed for this medium: settting to 6x), so I reflashed with 12X enabled (now Alchol said iillegal speed for this medium: setting it to 4.6X or something), but it actually was burning at 12X, but the DVD wasn’t big enough to go much past 8x. No problems.

So then I did the next 4 disks at 8X speed, as I decided to back up some multi CD games to DVD.
The next 3-4 disks went fine.

Then after doing a scan of a TY DVD I had burned a day ago, after leaving it in the sun today for about 6 hours to test detoriation (virtually no change in error rates at all), I did another burn. I’ve heard that it takes 5-6 burns for learning to kick in.

first 40% of the DVD was fine.

:Z :Z :Z

The error rates shot through the roof !!
I’m talking about 1000+ PIE and 100+PIF here, and rising, all the way to the end. It basically looked like I ran into a super huge mountain cliff halfway through the DVD. Horrible :Z

The next DVD I had the EXACT same problem :frowning:

Thinking my DVD drive was shot, I started panicking, but immediately did a Reset Learnt Media, and I reflashed the firmware, but this time with only the “recommended media tweaks” selected, and no changing of the T02 speeds (8X max), but I set it to “Disable Media Learning”.

The result was the following: (from the exact same stack of DVD+Rs)

Ok, can someone tell me just what happened to trash the “learning” before I reset it then disabled it? :frowning: :frowning:


Here is the scan before I did the reset learnt media and the reflash, as above.
How can something this HORRID happen with TY media?


No reason to be unhappy - at least “Errors” is 0


Pretty much the same exact thing has been happening to me… of which I posted about in this thread:


Anybody able to shed some light?