Learning C programming language

Hey dudes,
I am interested in leaning C programming, and wanted to ask if there are any sites/books that other people can recommend? I am aware that C is a very difficult language to learn and use, but it has always a sort of project for me and I would like have a go :slight_smile: Also can anyone recommend a basic (freeware) compiler?


Sorry VH. I know a little C++ but no C.

Isnt C++ just C just a little more complex?


First off, learn a bit of history about two geniuses :

The definitive book on C is the wonderful K&R, get it here :

There are many C compilers around, but for you I would suggest lcc-win32 :

C is not very difficult, it’s simple, powerful, and dangerous.

/me falls from his chair.

Hey i’m getting mocked by Spath. Nice one. That a proud moment for me. Brings a tear to my eye.

It was suppose to be a small joke but I guess me forgetting the smilies means that I just look stupid instead. Oh well not the first time not the last.

:confused: Why?


To put it simply, C lacks many security checks, so buggy code can have
awful consequences. A large part of all hacking activities is possible thanks
to the security weaknesses of C and C++. To quote Stroustrup : “C makes it
easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do
succeed, you will blow away your whole leg.”

So is it worth me using a less important computer (like my old laptop; P3 1ghz, 256mb, 98se) to code? I really can’t risk destroying this one :stuck_out_tongue: As Im just starting off I know Im gonner make a good amount of errors.


have you programmed in any language before? c is NOT very newbie friendly. learning to use it isnt very hard, but using it well can be. lots of libraries that can be/need to be used. or you could write your own.

//methinks spath should write a book on how to mess with peoples bad c. or maybe not :smiley:

No need to use a dedicated PC for learning C, you will not harm anything
on your system until you start writing driver code.

As for messing with bad code, these are two excellent books on the topic :

Thanks spath, I actually always wanted to have a go at C/C++ for a while! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much spath, I will have a go. Do you think it would a good idea to sticky this thread? It had very good info in it.


this is the course homepage for the class that taught me c++. it assumes you know a little bit about programming. the class itself is mostly for the STL and data structures stemming from it :wink:


I always wanted to learn C as well (or any of it’s offshoot C+, C++, C#), but I decided to mess with Visual Basic first since it’s a lot more “user friendly” and still quite powerful. I guess it also depends on what you want to use the language for.


power? assembly is power!