Learn to speak English cd protection?

Learn to Speak English CD protection ??
I need Some help Please,

I have bought “Learn to speak English” by the learning company 3 CDs

When i scan for protection i find nothing using cloney and other programs…

so i burn a copy to cdrw and guess what? it doesnt work, the cd drive just keeps trying to read the cd and if i press Ctrl Alt Del then i get “AppCheck.exe” not responding.

i would realy like to know what protection is being used here. and how to defeat it.

I have tried several programs, Alcohol, nero, blindwrite, clone cd. and nothing will make a copy. i even tried copying the files to a temp dir and then burning but i got a bad result.

nero says the disk is copy protected, but the scanners i used say nothing is protected…

My writer is cheap MSI 48x16x48 which seems to do it all up untill now.

please help if you can.

thanks in advance… tinku

Try new clonyxxl and there check system monitor and try to install program. Maybe is there securom

Is the cdrw disc working correctly? Have you tried any other media?

Is it the euro method of learning?? I bought a spanish one and I dont think the one I have is protected. How are you trying to back it up?? Are you using the writer to try and back it up, try that and see what happens.


the problem was the re writable media, the program doesnt seem to want to install or be read from re writable media for some reason… strange i have always used re writable to check for errors when copying so i dont get coasters.

thanks for your help with this. thanks.


glad we could help.

It is usually a good idea to use a cd-rw to back up media first to ensure that it works…

I have wasted tons of cd-r’s in the past, before. Sometimes I do the cd-rw thing so I dont blow away 10 cd’s in a row.

But sometimes it doesnt work with cdrw