Learn to program



Hi i’m a 15 year old kid and i am wanting to learn how to program. Dose anybody have an idea as to where I could do something around school that would cost less than $100?
i live in Maryland USA if that helps.


For programming around school, you might not have any luck. Never had anything to program around my high school…did on the other hand learn how to change my grades, attendance, and also access any file thanks to an Admin account and some hilariously sad security flaws in the grade files ;).

So yeah, I have the school in check :bigsmile:
Ask DanDaMan :D.

Programming what, if I may ask? What would you want to program?? :confused:
Languages? Be more specific :wink: This could mean anything from PHP scripting to HTML to C++ to VB!!!


Im Looking at programing somthing like C+ or visual basic and maby Java but thats a little to web based for me at this time.

Yea i also have the admin acount for my old middle school but im to good to changed my grades (or not desperat enough)!