Lean-in question

Sorry as I know this question has to have been asked before, I can just not find the answer…only what the lead-in time is as far as time.

I keep hearing the term lead-in,

  1. How is this measured? I figured it would be in my nero log under c:/programs/nero/core…but each time I think about it I have cleaned up all un -needed files with windows washer and ccleaner.

  2. (Can YOU You also find/measure the lead-in time in cd-dvd drivespeed…if so where is this information found)??

Sorry for the very newbe quesion but I have been reading and looking around these forums—I suppose I am blind as I have not been able to locate it.

BTW what is considered a decent lean-in for both dvd+r and cd-r media??

If these lead-in times are in a log—where to start/end the measurement if it does not come right out and tell you what the lead-in time is??

Thanks guys… :bow:

This is the best I can do:
The lead-in and lead-out areas are boundaries that indicate to a playback device where the inner and outer limits of a recording are respectively. They contain no user accessible information.

I meant to say how do you know what the leadin time is?

Is this in nero log for nero?

What about cd-dvd drivespeed…where would the lead in time be located?

Somewhere between 100-200ms-do not know if it is in nero log do not use it.
A millisecond is a very short period of time why does it matter to you about how big it is? 9 milliseconds – typical maximum seek time for a 7200rpm hard disk