LEAF networking software for Windows and Xbox Console

Leaf is a software application that makes it easy for you to fully utilize your always-on broadband connection to your home network.

Setup and installation is easy!

  • Create your own private network with your friends
  • Our file sharing is like no other file sharing, it is actually disk sharing.
  • You can always stay connected to your media no matter where you are.
  • Easily stream music directly to your friend’s digital media receiver.
  • Play XBOX head-on-head with your friends no matter where they are.

Official release. Version: 0.952
Release date: December 13, 2006
File name: Leaf2006Setup.exe
File size: 1.31 MB


Installation and Setup is easy!

  1. Install the Leaf Network Sharing software on any PC that is on your home network.
  2. Create a network.
  3. Invite members to join your network.
  4. Select the devices and media on your home network you what to share, then select the members you want to share it with. Other members can simply browse what you are sharing and select what device that they want to see on their network.

In a Leaf Network, you and your members truly own the network and all its traffic. Once the network is established, the data traffic flows in a peer-to-peer fashion only between you and members of your network. There is no proxy that is relaying the traffic!

You do not need to be techno-savvy to be part of a Leaf network. Setting up a Leaf Network is easy and does not require any firewall configuration. It will work wherever you are, home, work, Starbuck, or hotel.

You control your Leaf Network just like you control your buddy list!

Play head-on-head games with other members of your network no matter where as long as they are connected to the Internet.

There is no need to pay monthly fees to play your friends head-on-head with your game consoles. If your Xbox is on your same network as your home PC running Leaf, then you can simply start game sharing with members of your Leaf Network by starting your console as a game server. Those members that you have given access to your game share will see your game console in their list of game servers!

Simply share your Xbox game console with your friend by clicking the game server share button and selecting the users in you newtwork you want to allow access to your game. Your friends now can see your game server on their game console.

Remotely access your friends music, pictures and movies and play them on your entertainment center.

View and stream music and videos on other members’ PCs directly to your digital media receiver and TV. Once your friend has enabled media sharing, you simply allow the incoming stream. Now you can browse and play video and music from you friends media center on your Digital Media Receiver. Just like you share your digital media server (i.e., Windows Media Center) with your digital media receiver in your home, you now can share you digital media server with any members of your Leaf Network. Your friends digital media receiver can now play songs off your digital media servers playlist!

More than file sharing…Always stay connected with your files.

File and folder sharing is unlike any other file sharing software available today. The folders and files are only accessible to those members of your network that you have selected. Files are simply shared by selecting the folder then selecting the members of your network you wish to give access. The person viewing the folder can view the folder and the files within it, just like it was any other folder on their own PC. You can also enable write permission to the folder. Using this feature you can share some of your excess disk space with any of your members. They can read and write to this folder just like it is a folder on their local machine!

Add your laptop as another network member and your files on your PC will follow you where ever you go. You can share files and folders between your laptop and your PC. No need to copy or synchronize files. From your laptop you can view and browse files and folders on your PC as if they were files and folders on your laptop. Give read/write access to files and folders to your friends. Share disk space. Create a virtual disk to share with your friends. No need to upload pictures, once you saved the pictures onto your PC, your friends and family have instant access - just as if they were saved to a folder on their own PC.

Create your own virtual computer network with your friends.

By creating virtual network with your friends, it is like you are all on the same local area network (LAN) and there is a direct connection between you and your friends computers. With your virtual network, you will be able to access your friends computer just like you were sitting next to them on the same LAN. You can access printers, play PC games, view shared folders, etc.

Creating a virtual network is easy. Once you have created your network and added members, you simply go to the share tab and select the permission button next to the Private Network icon. From here, you can select the member from your network you want to add to your private network. The members that you add to this private network will see an network icon with a link that says “Connect to private network” under your name and once they double-click this link, your computers are directly connected.