Lead-in time is taking too long!



I’m using Plextor 716A with FW 1.7. Try to burn an ISO file (3GB), Lead-in time takes like almost 5 mins. Total process took 7.xx mins. What is wrong with the drive or settings? It’s not happened with FW1.4. Please help.

Thank you in advance.


Maybe You are using a media which the plex Firmware does not know. Then it does a calibration for finding the right strategy - and that takes a little time.


Was it the same media you used with 1.04?
If not, autostrategy function recognized that this media is not in the firmware
and chooses the best strategy for it. Have a look in plextools under option


Plextor FAQ > [716] My Plextor PX-716A takes an awful long time to write the lead-in of my DVDR discs. :wink:


I didnt know that AS can do this. hehe

Thank you very much for the info!!!