Lead-in takes too long



Anyone know why when I burn in nero sometimes it stays at lead-in for about 5-6 minutes but after that it burns fine at regular speed (little over 6 minutes at 12x). In Nero I have bitsetting at current recorder setting. This happens about 60-70% of the time I burn, very annoying watching it at 0% for 5 minutes but the other 30-40% times the lead-in is fast. No Nvidia IDE drivers & its at UDMA2, master, 80 pin IDE chain w/ B7U9 firmware & TDK TY-02 media. Turned off autoplay via tweakui.


Admittedly, I’ve never used NERO to burn a DVD before, but I suspect NERO might be trying to bitset a -R disc — hence the delay.

Are you using -R or +R discs?

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I’m using -R & for bitsetting in Nero SpeedTest it’s grayed out. In the QScan it shows up as -R. Also for strange reason when I disable WOPC the lead-in delay only happens like 1 out of 10 times but I would prefer WOPC enabled.


If you’re using -R at present, try disabling bitsetting totally in Nero.

That might help. Then when you get +R, just re-enable it.


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strange…try doing a qscan…


yeah lead-in takes a a min with +R but +RW is instant.


I think lead in takes longer with B7U9 firmware. But it should never take that long. If you’re using B7U9 try switching back to B7T9 and see what happens.


BenQ has issues with the “power calibration” phase of lead-in for DVD media… I have personally witnessed BenQ do a 1 hour lead in @ 0% complete before I rebooted the computer (I fell asleep after starting the burn…)

I suspect the reason why your +RWs aren’t affected is because you can only burn them @ 4x max. When BenQ is asked to burn at high speed, the power calibration can become very sensitive.

What media are you using?


CMC and Verbatim all same time…Burning finished at 7 mins plus and lead-in take a min total around 9 mins.

Philips RW ok.


It was like this also when it came default, so I flashed to B7P9 still same, B7T9 still same, and B7U9 still same.


What material are you burning?

It only happen when I try to burn over 10k+ files and 1k+folders to a disk. It takes awhile for nero to setup the folder structure.


My TYG03 (16x dvd-r) burn @12x just failed with a message ‘power calibration area full’ or something like that, as reported by Dvd Decrypter. The disc was empty. I’m not sure how long it took, because I went away, but it cannot have been more than 10 minutes.

I am using the new V firmware. Maybe the endless loop that masotime mentioned has been addressed in this fw, or Dvd Decrypter handles the situation differently?

I did a Qscan @16x which failed, so I decided to burn @12x. After the error occured, I did a scan @12x which was good.

I will try this again using Nero… hope my drive doesn’t melt. :slight_smile:

/edit Burn went OK this time, verify is running.


I have the same problem here, its not just lead in either, lead out is running in the 5 to 9 minute range, making my 12x burn plus verification take about 25 minutes. (it automatically tries to burn the Verbatim 8x media to 12x… wich is fine with me but… not if the lead in and lead out are going to take between 5 and 10 minutes EACH!!).

This is driving me nutz.

Oh and the total amount of files are: 14 in each case.


omg… I just update the fw, and instead of a lead in or lead out in the minutes, now it shows a leadin of about 30 seconds but the actual burn, on verbatim media +R 8x @ 12x, is STILL in the 25 minute range with verification.

I wonder if the problem for me, at least in this instance is the media.

ADDED: ARGGHHHHHHHHHHH. ok. the first two burns on this drive where with liteon DVD+R 16x media, they burned just fine. The next burn was a -R disk, and it was bad, but I figured, ok -R and BenQ… so… well. So then I started burning Vebatim DVD+R 8x media, and I have had a few good but MEGA SLOW burns, and this last one wich was a failed burn. sigh…

so how do I do a Quality check? this is driving me nutz


I should update Nero to latest version 6 6 0 14 first, as Nero Cd speed has been updated yet again and quite a few probs. with Nero have been sorted.