Lead in problem with 1633

My 1633 has got way to high of PI and PIF errors at the start of the disc. It is not only with this media, although it’s better on some and worse on others. This one is so bad that my set top player will not even recognize it. I burned the same vidio folder with my LDW-451S on the same media and there are not all the excessive errors with it and the disc plays fine on my set top player. You can’t get much higher quality media and the 1633 should outperform the 451. I have never used the eeprom utility. Would that be something to try? I’m confused and getting a little po’d after having this problem with this high priced media and my 1633. Any help and assistance will be greatly appreciated. Here are a couple scans.

reset learnt media with the eeprom utility: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/utilities/EEPROM_Utility-2.0.7.rar

you can also update your firmware to this one: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/1653S.CS0K.patched-cf-rs-ledfix.rar

Thankyou, I reset learnt media with the eeprom utility and my scans are a lot better now although not great. My set top player will play them fine. Is it recommended that I reset the eeprom whenever I use a different media? Here are some new scans.

the scans look much better, you could improve them by flashing to 1653S firmware.
and don’t forget to reset learnt media before crossflashing.

you only need to reset learnt media if your scans get bad.

Thx again for your help. I’m a little leary of crossflashing since I crossflashed my 451 to 832 and had problems with it afterwards. Luckily Lite-on replaced it under warranty but it still cost me about $17.00 in shipping charges.

Mort, I was wondering what brand media you are using? I am currently using Memorex DVD+R (code Ritek R03) and getting terrible results. I got the same issue, my lead ins were terrible, and I think I burned the disc with my crossflashed 1633@1653S. Thanks.

I’m useing Verbatum DLP dvd+r inkjet hub printables (MCC003). All my problems have been resolved, thanks to chokO. Now my scans are excellent. Latest scan.


Download KProbe if you don’t have it and provide us with one of the scans useing it.