Lead-in bug & which firmware for 16x?

I just bought an sohw-1633s and I am new to this particular forum. I have grown fond of Fuji 8x +r media (yuden000) and I would like to burn these in my lite-on at 16x just like I do in my NEC. I have omnipatcher, but I don’t know which firmware I should d/l. Also, I occasionally get a 4 minute delay in lead-in.

i cant even burn 16x media at 16x yet on this drive, liteon ur letting me down today

I went ahead and got the BS41 stock - unscrambled. Using omnipatcher, I clicked “apply recommended changes” and “Increase reading speed to 12x.” I haven’t flashed the firmware yet, as I’m looking to burn yuden000T02 discs at 16x. To do this, would I simply double-click the T02, then highlight the T03 in the new box and enter? I notice this is not a “recommended change” but if it makes coasters I’m rma’ing the lite-on for another NEC. I burn these fuji’s at 16x all the time there, with no coasters.

i don’t know if that strat swap will work.
try it but i don’t think there are many strats for 1633s that work well.
may i suggest you look at the reviews for the rebadged 1633s(memorex,sony)
find one of the 16x burns that seems to work and use that strat for the swap.
if all else fails t03 may work it is hit and miss with this burner,if i had known
this burner was this problamatic a benq would be sitting in it’s place.
maybe a quality patch for these units would save jvc/liteon’s reputation??

t02 isn’t meant to be written @16x. modifying the firmware with omnipatcher and flashing it voids warranty, so u can’t rma the drive.

I think I understand…fuji/ty t02’s: 16x + lite-on = no workie 16x+ NEC = sweet! Score one for NEC. These discs are on sale at Best Buy for us$40 per 100 spindle. Is it possible they are t03’s but kprobe identifies them wrong? Nah the first answer is probably right. @choko: I’ll just flash back to stock :wink: I’m not giving up yet. I’m a newegger, so I have time.
Did I read wrong or did the faq say that one of the patchers in particular could change any drive’s output to dvd-rom, as in bitsetting?

with newest firmwares (BS0R, BS0S, CS09) you can bitset to -rom with the official liteon utility and the settings will remain in the eeprom. even after reflash/crossflash. but it has to be one of these or a newer firmware.

Lite-On = JVC? If I had known this, my opinion would have been affected long ago. You see, JVC car cd player decks seem like a good value. You get nice features for the price. In time, however, a lack of factory quality control rears its ugly head. This is not to dog on you guys, I hear good things about Lite-On.
By the way, the lead-in bug seems to be gone, and with bitsetting, all my players are now liking the disks. Almost there!!

liteon has nothing to do with jvc!

JLMS drives are some sort of collaboration between Lite-On and JVC…

I am getting very good 16 x results with RICOHJPNR02 (platinum 8 x plus) @ RICOHJPNR03. The discs burns in less then 6 minutes. I am using the newest firmware CS09. With your 1633 you can also crossflash this firmware.

Good luck!

@Two Degrees
yes, but only dvd-rom drives…


CS07, too. :wink:


The leadin bug was (is) mostly a -R issue…

Check this out: All the Fujis I ever get are T02’s. http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia.php?dvdmediasearch=&dvdmediadvdridsearch=ricohjpnr02&type=3&size=4.7&dvdburnspeed=8&order=Comments&hits=25&search=Search+or+List+Media
Which of these choices can I find in the states?


I’ll keep my eyes open for Imation, I think I saw some in an OfficeDepot ad or something. If I bought TDK, any chance it would be the right stuff? Also, any recommendations on printables? Verbatim 8x seems good, anything faster?

really? maybe that’s why liteon hasn’t released it officially?!

Bump…the bug’s not gone. I have a desription of the symptoms. I get a 4 minute lag, sometimes in lead-in, sometimes during tracks. It seems to be intermittent, but it happens on every other burn. No lead-out lagging. Let me describe the lag: The buffer level on the bottom(not the Used read buffer on top) goes low to 11 percent for 4 minutes. No progress is made, the drive slows down, no HDD activity(IDE Maxtor). Then it slowly creeps back up in chunks until filling up. Then it burns. Burning at 8x with Nero 6.3 on 1633s (BS41firmware) fuji T02 discs, applied bitsetting with BookType135, “applied reccommended changes” in omnipatcher. I did not change the writing method or anything else…should I just flash to CS07?

why don’t you try other 1633s firmwares (BS0C-BS0S)? 1653s firmwares aren’t good… CS0C maybe, haven’t tested it yet.

maybe just RMA it first