Lead in bug in FS02 and FS07 for LDW-411S confirmed

Since so many users were reporting this problem I wanted to try to get this problem myself. And after some trials I found this to be a bug of the older firmwares. With FS0B everything is fine.

Disc written with FS07:

Disc written with FS0B:

Disc written by Pioneer DVR-106:

You could see that with FS07 there is a larger gap that is not written near the center hole, and sure enough; Many readers fails reading these discs!

Make sure to update to FS0B using the official EXE updater, as the EXE updater also makes changes to the EEPROM that may be important to solve this problem…

The reason why I’ve not seen this problem before is that I’ve not been using FS02 and FS07. I went directly to FS0B when I got the drive.


Nice work man!!!

Thanks for looking into this and not just saying its a media issue and not the drive, like other mods.


Yes thankyou.

I’m on FS0B and DVD+R burn fine. But the DVD-R still not being recognised by my stand alone (both Ritek G04 media).

So would this problem possibly still remain for certain media types, even in FS0B?

I can confirn that here as well OC, however it doesn not correlate with play-ability in my stand-alone movie player. All DVD- I tested have it, and most were playable. Of course, that does not mean that some players might not have issues with it.

Please Note

Different brands of media are put together differently. The dye area may not begin in the same place on different brands.
Just did a quick survey here, and the beginning of the dye area ranges from about 10mm to about 12mm from the edge of the spindle. So comparing different brands of media will be misleading.

Measuring from the spindle to the beginning of the burned area, FS02/FS07 is always about 16mm, FS0B is always 15mm.

Did a fresh test-burn with FS02, and confirmed that the difference does not affect playability here.

It affects playability in JLMS XJ-HD165 DVD-ROM at least. This is how far my testing goes…

No problem for my 166S…interesting.

I wonder, is there any standard for this on DVD-ROM discs?

I had problem with the standalone drive reading Reitek DVDs. I upgraded to FS0B and burnt it at 2 x speed. The DVD is now recognised ok. Interestingly both of them were fine with my son’s PS2.

OC-Freak stands in corner and feels ashamed. :o :o :o

You’re all right, there is more to this DVD-R issue than just media. Even with firmware FS0B. I’ve played around, tested, jumped back to older firmware versions and tested discs, just to try to find as many issues as possible.

Conclusion: Lite-On is doing something wrong with DVD-R writing!


Even if FS0B fixed the problem with discs not being recognized by JLMS XJ-HD165H…there is still issues in this drive:

Yes, ALL DVD-R discs written by Lite-On reads at 0.5X only!!! And I mean all! Brands from these manufacturers is tried: Taiyo Yuden, Mitsubishi Chemicals, ritek, princo, lead data and cmc magnetics.

But ALL DVD-R discs written by other writers (plextor, pioneer and LG) works. (some slows down at the end due to disc quality though, but that does not matterin this case):

YES, I am jumping at Lite-On techies to fix these issues.

And if they do not want me to rate this drive as a crap drive in my upcoming review they better fix thses issues pretty soon!

And YES, I know it’s strange that CPU usage is reported as 100% at all speeds in CD-Speed. But this usually happens if I drive do not read as fast as cdspeed is trying to get it to read at. (so even 1X shows 100% due to the fact that it reads at 0.5X only).

No, there is no DMA issues (tried in another computer as well).

youre a good man oc.thanks for doing youre work.i am glad you do ya research and ya reviews maybe ya will get liteon to fix this

Originally posted by rdgrimes
No problem for my 166S…interesting.

Everybodies results vary…

I have a very late model 166S (Mfg September 2003) and it really struggles to read any DVD-R burnt by my 411S (no matter what firmware in use by either drive).

OK, also feeling slightly :o .
I’ll confirm that the 166S also reads DVD-R at .056x in all the transfer rate tests.
BUT, it reads DVD-R at full speed in the PI/PO scan in KProbe. :confused:
And it also plays a movie just fine, which would be at 1x, right?
Also confirmed that copying files from the 166S to HD is very slow, 700MB takes about 20 min or so.

Another thing, I did upgrade firmware yesterday before burning other DVD-R (TDK 4X, TY) to FS0B.

Now my backup is NOT recognized in my 163 nor in my set top Philips 728. But it’s well recognized in my DVDR70 (set top DVD+ burner).

Will try going back to FS07 and see if better and will let you informed.


Welcome to our world, the one in which all Lite-on issues are not down to media :smiley:



Pioneer just officialy announced the A07 with 8x DVD+R and 8x DVD-R.

If the problems with LiteOn DVD writers stay like this I sure know what my next drive is going to be.

LiteOn, be aware of OC-Freak and take care that his review can be a good one :wink:

OC thank’s for your research. :bigsmile:

Finally you too are aware that THERE IS something wrong with LITEON LDW 411s drives!
I can only hope that lite-on Lite-On techies do fix all the problems as soon as possible.

Originally posted by Odia The Ultima

Welcome to our world, the one in which all Lite-on issues are not down to media :smiley:

Odia. [/B]

So did you have something to contribute to this discussion? Do you have some evidence to share that this, or any other issue, is related to movie play-ability? I think not.

do you all think.this can be fixed in firmware?.please forgive stpid question but i am not to sure wahts what on this drive?

Originally posted by ratman23
do you all think.this can be fixed in firmware?.please forgive stpid question but i am not to sure wahts what on this drive?

That’s up to LiteOn, it’s really not clear what is going on. Looks like something with the format itself, so it should be fixable.