Lead-in and lead-out


What is the benefit of lead-in and lead-out reading on a cd/dvd-rom?


W_T_F is that question ???

Some players can read leadin and leadout on a Audio CD disk.

Some players cant read in the leadin and leadout.

Some can only read leadout or leadin.

Could someone explain why it’s good that a cd-rom player can read leadout and leadin.


Internally, every drive is able to read the leadin / first pregap,
but not all are able to deliver its content directly in raw mode.

The main purpose of that overreading feature probably is to get all the audio data without missing samples when correcting the offset (keyword is EAC).
In reality the drive doesn’t have to overread, at all. But due to its introduced offset, it “thinks” so. Actually this is complete nonsense and could be prevented if the manufacturers would finally set the offset to just being 0. I’m sure that if a software is able to correct it, a firmware should be able to do this even more.