Lead Data

Can I trust this results too good to be true :smiley:

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You cannot trust it in the sense that the drive isn’t reporting C1 = BLER = E11+E21+E31 as it should, but only reports C1 = E31.
This is how all recent LiteOn DVD burners report C1 AFAIK.

In other words it only reports errors that cannot be corrected by C1 error correction instead of reporting all errors detected by C1 error detection whether they are correctable or not.

So the answer is: Yes, those numbers are too good to be true.

Why did you move my post to Blank DVD Media when it Is CDR media or am I missing something?

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Not a problem o by the way I forgot to say thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Don’t want to be a pest [B]Oleg24[/B] (on the contrary I’m only trying to help), but in my experience LeadData CDRs are among the crappiest you can find on the market. Very poor manufacturing quality leading to early data loss from deterioration of the reflective layer. Better not trust these discs for any important data. :frowning:

I agree with DrageMester. DVD burners are notoriously inaccurate for scanning CD (as opposed to DVD) media.

That’s not what I said nor is it my opinion. I was specifically referring to LiteOn DVD burners only.

In fact I think that some BenQ DVD burners are the best CD scanners available today (except professional scanning equipment), with Plextor CD and DVD burners close behind.