Lead Data (Futec Branded) Strange Issue

RD, what is the difference between a C2, C1 and read error?

I thought C1 and C2 were types of read errors?

Yes, this media does appear to love being burned at 32x. I’ve burned almost 50 discs and anyone’s near full capacity have no c2 errors.

Is this scan acceptable? I like the low c2 errors but I don’t like the C1 spikes, is that bad and what playback problems may it cause?

what is the difference between a C2, C1 and read error?

In Kprobe, a “read error” refers to a drive not being able to read a sector, either due to PUH slippage or high C1/C2. Kprobe is designed to let the drive skip over that sector rather than re-reading as it is supposed to do. When it does this, it records the “read error”. In the absence of C2, it’s fair to assume that PUH slipage was the cause. A speck of dust, or most anything is also possible.

Your scan is VERY good, as good as they get.

Thanks RD,

I think I noticed a small scratch and some dust on the disc. I did rescan and the C2 spike was gone. I have never seen that with another disc so far.

I am pretty much changing my mind with these discs. I think this may signal a change in LeadData quality perhaps, such as what happened with Ritek (in a lot of their media). I’m not sure why my burners were initially able to burn these discs @ up to 48X without errors.

I honestly think it is more of a smart-burn issue as many people have seen symptons similar to what I’ve experienced. Although the fact that burning at 32x (which takes only seconds longer than 40x) produces C2 free discs is good enough for me given the price.

Would you say that due to the relatively consistent and error free burns that the discs should or could last a long time as well?