Lead data blank cd-r's



green dye

i bought some from fry’s for 4.50 for a 50pack

at least i didnt spend more then 5 bucks

there worse then cmc media, and cmc cd-r arnt that bad, but dang, this just plain suck

anyone else have bad luck with lead data cd-r’s


I got a batch a year ago and after some checking around I found others shared your opinion. I use mine for music to be played in my car. Anything gets worn in the car anyway and usually loss there is no big deal.


i think i am going to give them away to someone who can use them

or use them as target pratice with a .45 :slight_smile:


At 16X on my Plextor they are OK. Keep them, you never know how your next drive will react to them. BTW, they are great for carpet coasters.


I had very bad experiences with old lead data’s CD-R’s as well… the old “Silver Blue Professional” discs, 16x speed discs… they were a nightmare!
Only one word: DATA LOSS. they didn’t seem to last longer than a year! without being used a single time… :o :o

Still got 2 empty ones lying around, can try them for audio but the chances are very small that my HIFI can read them properly 'coz it hates the old “Silver Blue” dye-types… it had probs with the old Verbatim pastels 40x rated (TY which are great for data) too. :eek:

Don’t burn any important data on these ones unless you got a backup! :bigsmile:


i burn data to dvd’s, i use cd’s for audiop backups for cars and cd players

but like i said, off to someone else that can use them :frowning:


I have some of these CD-R’s also.
They are very crap quality and do not work very well on most burners.
Definitely not “52x” capable IMO.


my btc 1016 wont burn these over 16x and they dont burn well

anyone wanna have a 48pack just pay the shipping and there yours lol