Le Tour de France 2010 (or, What´s your favourite dope?)



On the road again…Stage 1 today: Rotterdam to Brussels 223km

Why Brussels? To celebrate the 65th birthday of Eddy Merckx and everything he has given to cycling.

After yesterday´s opening sprint the old favourites are as expected near the top of the standings:
Cancellara in first place, Armstrong in 4th, and Contador 6th

…and, what about mechanical doping???


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Chavanel has taken the second stage. 4 hours and 40 minutes of riding, and 3 minutes clear of the next riders!
Gets the yellow jersey :clap:


Today´s stage is going to be one that sorts the men from the boys. The 210 km from Wanze in Belgium to Arenberg in northern France includes several sections of bone-jarring cobblestones: expect panic, crashes and mechanical failure.


They’re in actual France now? What an amazing tour de France. I wonder when they will be in Spain.


Didn’t like the idea of that stage today with all the cobbles.

I don’t think that’s a fair test of the riders abilities and it increases the luck element as the likelyhood of a crash is very much increased (particularly when they have cobbles right at the finish line where the bikes are normally going all over the place!).

Just as well it wasn’t a wet stage today.

Can’t wait to see how Contador and Armstrong do in the mountains though.



End of [B]Stage 6[/B] and the leaders are emerging.
Check the standings…lotsa BIG names in there and one or two new ones who could make their mark, for example Britain´s Geraint Thomas in second place may be one to watch. Armstrong is still in the top 20.
Yesterday´s stage winner, Mark Cavendish, is currently 9 minutes behind the yellow jersey, in 107th place.
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I just love watching Mark Cavendish in the sprint finishes.

He’s the fastest in the world and that makes life very interesting for the other riders.

If they take him too close to the finish, they’ve lost and if they go too soon they’ve lost.

It’s the perfect demonstration of the tactics involved in this sort of racing.



The first real mountain stage today, and [B]Cancellera[/B] suddenly slipped back to 58th place…13 minutes behind the leader.
The stage was impressively won by Frenchman [B]Sylvain Chavanel[/B] who now has the yellow jersey with a gap of 1´25". His second stage win of the tour…but [B]Cadel Evans[/B] in second place can afford to wait…he wants to take the jersey later…so…hanging in there…
[B]Armstrong[/B] too…moved up a bit (now 14th) and battled it out near the front of the peleton.
[B]Cavendish[/B] is back in 128th.



Armstrong is slipping back…now 13 minutes behind the leaders, so it looks like he is out of contention. Cancellera is more or less nowhere to be seen…41 minutes behind!

Cadel Evans from Australia is now in the yellow and looking good. Andy Schleck however is still breathing down his neck!!!

Big day today…



Andy Schleck has just won the 8th stage, but Cadel Evans stays in the Yellow jersey.
Armstrong finished today 7 minutes later…and seems unlikely to be able to claw his way back. Seems crazy…in total only 13 minutes behind after 38 hours of riding, but for these guys that means you are history!!!


So…Armstrong apparently crashed twice today. BTW, this isn´t like falling off…the speeds are sometimes phenomenal. I´ve crashed often enough at around 30 - 35 kph and it´s not nice, but these guys are doing sometimes 50 or more!!!. He has run into a few other problems too, but says he´ll stay in the Tour because he enjoys it anyway and wants to support his team.

Here´s a good link with a summary of who is doing what and why http://us.cnn.com/2010/SPORT/07/11/cycling.tour.armstrong.contador/index.html?hpt=T1


Turns out that Evans was riding with a broken arm yesterday…which is why he couldn´t keep up on the mountains, and is now way out of contention.

Armstrong, also out of contention, says he´s happy to just be there and his team will continue to try to support teammate Levi Leipheimer who has a small chance for a top three finish.

Contador and Schleck are currently fighting for the overall lead, but today´s race looks dramatic…


Mark Cavendish won the 11th stage in a mass sprint under a scorching sun, while Andy Schleck of Luxembourg retained the overall race lead. Contador is still about 40 seconds behind.



Didn’t get a chance to see today’s coverage at all so missed another Mark Cavendish sprint. :rolleyes:

Oh well, that’s why your updates are useful.

So thanks for keeping us all up to speed (if you’ll pardon the pun). :bigsmile:



Turns out that sprint was a bit tainted…Cavendish was assisted by his team mate Mark Renshaw who appears to have used tactics which have caused him to be expelled from the tour!!!

Watch the video and decide for yourself.




Contador suddenly revived near the end of a hard race and sprinted up the last few kilometers and managed to cut 10 seconds off Schleck´s lead…


  1. Andy Schleck (Lux/Saxo Bank) 58h 42m 01s
  2. Alberto Contador (Esp/Astana) +31"
  3. Samuel Sanchez (Esp/Euskatel) +2’45"
  4. Denis Menchov (Rus/Rabobank) +2’58"
  5. Jurgen van den Broeck (Bel/Omega Pharma-Lotto) +3’31"
  6. Levi Leipheimer (US/RadioShack) +4’06"
  7. Robert Gesink (Ned/Rabobank) +4’27"
  8. Joaquin Rodriguez Oliver (Spa/Katusha) +4’58"
  9. Luis Leon Sanchez (Spa/Caisse d’Epargne) +5’02"
  10. Roman Kreuziger (Cze/Liquigas) +5’16"


Turns out that sprint w…


A summary of the action and the aftermath. Renshaw has also apologised for his actions.

A screenshot of the headbutting…he did this 3 times, then swerved to the left to deliberately obstruct Farrer who was sprinting for the win. His team mate Cavendish was therefore able to win the stage.

The tour officials were furious…expelled Renshaw for the dangerous tactics which could have caused half the pack to crash.


A long flat stage today…expect some to try for a big breakaway. The next 4 days will be hardcore mountain stages!

Sunny conditions…25°C expected.



Congrats on the 5,000 posts…and on being in Le Tour, Deano! :flower: :smiley: