LDW411S DVD playback problems

Just picked up an LDW411S (flashed to FS0F) and tried playing several pre-recorded DVD’s using the included PowerDVD XP and received read errors on 3 out of 5 discs I tried (Gladiator, Italian Job and Agent Cody Banks all gave me errors). Each one of the discs played perfectly in my Toshiba DVD (1712) Reader and my stand-alone Toshiba DVD Players.

Is this drive more finicky than others when reading DVD’s? I’m not having any problems recording DVD’s or CD’s in this drive - it’s only the playback of pre-recorded DVD’s that’s giving me trouble so far.

System specs:

Abit KD7 w/ Athlon XP2100+
Corsair XMS 512MB DDR 400
XFX Ti4200 128MB Vivo
SB Live!
2 WD 60GB ATA-100 HDs
Toshiba DVD Rom SDM1712
Win 98SE

Dude the 411S is a piece of sh*t, I’d advice you to return it and get an 811S if you can afford it. No problems at all.


do you even know what your talking about… the 411s and the 811s could very well be the same drive besides a different firmware and eeprom… who knows besides liteon! YOU DO NOT KNOW UR GUESSING IN ALL THE THREADS IVE READ!

i was going to ignore you but that seems impossible… as ive stated in the other thread…

if your not going to be helpful or constructive quit replying to all 411s threads saying they are POS! what does that do for the person? NOTHING!

unless you have a solution just do not say anything! and buying a new drive is not a solution because for most people that is not an option.

i do not own a 411s but what you are doing is not good or helpful… its destructive and runs people away from the forums that need help or that want to try to constructively help.