LDW411S and Verbatim 8X (MCC02)

Hi to everybody!!!

On these days I burned some DVD-R Verbatim MCC002 (Certified 8X)
with my Liteon 411S…the result is very bad…every DVD has a
very bad PI and PIF tested vith Kprobe2 and they don’t go well on
my dvd player (on the near of the end the disk, the movie stop).
Only sometime the movie goes well, but on another player it stop.
I tryed to patch my 411s to 811s…I tryed many firmware and burn on 2X
and 4X…

With Verbatim MCC001 (Certified 4X) all OK and good. The problem is that
that DVD are now not so easy to find…

Can someone tell my something? Where tryed to burn that kind od DVD
with Liteon 411 or 811?

Thank you very much…



i hope this helps as its hard to follow your post.

it seems using any 8X rated -R`s in the 811s will give bad burns as it is a bit old now. eather use 4X rated -R media or best bet is + media ricoh, ty or verbatim.

Thank you Acko,
sorry for my bad english (many errors, I wrote from my office very fast!!!)…so it seems that the problem isn’t only with DVD-R 8X Verbatim, but with other brand’s 8X using old Liteon. I can say to you that my friend gave me today a DVD-R 8X (MCC02) burned with Liteon 811…on my player, near on the end of DVD, stopped…
So the only solution is 4X rated or + media, if I understand correct…
It’s impossible to find a solution with new firmware?

Many Thanks for this great forum…


basicly yes, other wise you`ll have to start adding media codes to the firmware.

not realy HSOR is the latest and is not very rated i use HSOK.

can you do a bler scan with kprobe 2.4.2 at 4X with the problem disc and post that.

Please wait some minutes, I’ll post some scan with probe I’ve saved on these days…

Hallo Hacko,

1- this DVD was burned with Liteon 411S on Verbatim MCC01 (4X certified). Speed of the burn = 2X

2- this DVD was burned with Liteon 411S_FS0K on Verbatim MCC02 (8X certified). Speed of the burn = 2X. I tried to change media code of firmware MCC02RG20@MXLRG02, but still with the original media code MCC02RG20 the result was the same or worse…

3- this DVD was burned with patched Liteon 411S@811S_HSOR on Verbatim MCC02 (8X certified). Speed of the burn = 2X.

3- this DVD was burned with patched Liteon 411S@811S_HSOP on Verbatim MCC02 (8X certified). Speed of the burn = 2X.

thats some ugly looking scans you have there and even if you scaned at the recomended 4X they would not look much better. also to save the image click the diskette symbole and save as png file.

get some recomended +R media you can apply bitsetting if using + discs is a problem.

Ok Acko,
on these moment I’m scanning at 4X a DVD MCC02 burned at 2X and that give some problems on the DVD player.
I’ll post soon…

Burned with 811S at 2X. DVD MCC02 Verbatim.

I hope it will be on the future a solution…for the moment I’ll go on with 4X Certified DVD.

The last question: DVD+R with bittsetting is compatible with DVD player as the same as DVD-R?

Thank for everything Acko.

yes they should work fine bitset to dvd-rom in most if not all stand alone dvd players. for me and a lot of people here prefer + media over -.

I’ll try +R media, too.

Good Night, to the next time…

ok cheers :cool:

a bunch of those scans up there were at max instead of 4x. granted they were pretty bad, i dunno how much of a difference the scan speed would make