LDW-851SX USB2 drive - is it same as 851S and can OP be used?

Excuse the newbie question, but I searched for 851SX and didn’t find anything applicable. I have the external USB2 851SX drive (GS0H) using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. Using 4x media, I only have the option to burn at 4x. I’ve read other drives allow you to burn at 8x speeds with 4x media. I only use Verbatim, Sony and TDK media.

I’ve read the entries for Omnipatcher and the new unofficial firmware GSC2. Can this be used with the external drive? If so, I’m only interested in being able to burn 4x media at 8x, so all I’d have to do is check the 8x box for the media strings I use and load it? I don’t care about bitsetting or speeding up reads, etc.

Thanks for any help.

Yes, they are the same and everything that works for the S works for the SX. And yes, that is the correct procedure for enabling 8x on 4x media. You might want to check the 6x box, too. :wink: