LDW-851s & unrecognized 800mb CD's

My 851s doesn’t recognize 800mb CD’s. In Nero (for example) when I put in an 800 and check the media it says it’s a 700m.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.

Turn on the “overburn” setting in Nero, burn disc using DAO, then it will warn you before the start of burning, go anyway then you can get a 800/900M Disc

It still doesn’t recognize when I insert a 800m cd. Niether does alcohol120. If I put the same 80m cd in my second computer with a Traxdata recorder it recognizes the 800m cd.

Any other ideas? Update the firmware maybe? Thanks in advance.

The liteon will not recognise it as 800m instead it will say 700. turn on overburn and DAO and burn anyway, right up to 800m!. works fine.

firmware will not fix the detection size but who cares :wink: