Ldw-851s & ricohjpn w21

Using a LDW-851S (GS0P) & RICOHJPN W21 DVD+RW.

Nothing is being written - the light is displayed as orange that would indicate that it was doing something but the disks after wards are completely blank.

Anyway else had this issue ?

Your burner do not support 8x dvd+rw media by hardware.


Use supported media dvd+rw 2.4x or 4x.

Could I use OmniPatcher and change the RICOHJPN W11 entry and only set a burn speed of 2x ?


Time for a new burner then.

By the way, what is the latest and greatest Lite-On model ?

I’m very satisfied with my SHM-165P6S.

LiteOn latest is a 18x burner LH-18A1P.

Firmware is not mature yet and the drive is reported very noisy.