LDW-851S: pausing during burning?

I’m using NTI CD&DVD Maker to burn and verify a DVD data disc at 4x and it’s taking about 40 minutes to finish. I’ve noticed that after about 1.5-2 GB written, the light turns orange and it will stop writing for 2 or 3 minutes. Then, it starts writing again. Is this normal?

No this is not normal. A 4x burn should take just under 15 minutes and 9 minutes to verify, unless there are a lot of small files. Make sure your drive is the only drive on the secondary IDE as master. You may also want to check that DMA is enabled by using Nero Infotool and looking at the Configuration tab. Also try defragmenting you hard drive.

My DVD burner is in an external USB enclosure and it’s SPTI instead of ASPI. Could that be the reason for why it’s so slow?

Yes, but only if the system that you are burning from does not have USB2.0…

I am using USB 2.0 though… I’ll try defragging my hdd tonight and try another burn tomorrow.

Try a burn with Nero CD-DVD Speed using create data disc and then do a transfer rate test on the burnt disc.

Post the results by using the small RHS button in the title bar to save the scan. Attach the saved files to your post by using the “Manage Attachments” button in the “Go Advanced” or “Quotepost” mode.

Here is the create cd test result

And this is the transfer rate result

The time it takes to burn seems normal but is it taking a little long to transfer?

Can someone take a look at the results?