LDW-851S only burns -R 4X

I Have a LDW-851S which burns DVD’s OK but it will only burn -R at 4X max, I have tested the same media on my friends 821S and this will burn at 8X.
I looked at the official firmware version (with Omnipatcher) GS0P that was installed on my burner and noticed that all the media types I had tested were only 4X, so I cross flashed with the CG4E version from this forum which should have increased the burn speeds, but Nero info tool is still reporting burn speeds of 4X.
This is the first time I’ve cross flashed but I presume it all went well because nero info tool now reports my burner as being a SOHW-832S with CG4E firmware. The media types I have tested are (from nero info tool) :-
TYG02 4 - 2X

Thanks for any help

the 851s is only capable of 4x dvd-r.
but it will burn dvd+r at 8x
new firmware cannot change this, as its a hardware thing.

That will explain it !!! looks like I need a new burner

Thanks for yor help

just buy +R media. :slight_smile: