LDW-851S Media

I upgraded to the newest firmware, and with the price of DVD+R being really high I don’t know which to pick. Anyone have any suggestions as to which DVD+R will work good at 8x with 851S? Thanks guys.

I’ve been having 100% success with Maxell 4x DVD+R media burned with TypeWriting (BitSetting). It plays flawlessly on every machine I’ve tried it on and burns at 8xs as long as you have the latest “C” firmware. Also, Maxell media sells for about $1.50 a disc at places like Walmart and Walgreens if bought in bulk packs of 10. Good luck

Be wary of exactly what Maxell media you get. AFAIK they use different suppliers and spindle’s will range in quality from good to bad depending on which discs you get.

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