LDW-851s Capable Of Burning SafeDisc Games?

is this drive capable of burning safedisc games at all? i have tryed numorous games and none have worked they start up and keep spinning in the drive with no error messeges. i have replaced my ide cable, updated firmware, latest drivers, burnt and read at 4x, checked and unchecked efm error in Alcohol latest version, used default windows xp ide drivers and nforce 2 ide drivers, installed apsi drivers, disabled virtual drives, disabled all emulation options, renamed alcohol a120.bus and a120scsi files during install to avoid blacklisting. securom games always burn fine it’s just the safedisc games. i am all out of ideas any help would be appreciated please. :confused:

You need to enable Hide CD-R media in Alcohol 120% (or 52%) then try running the game.

I suggest using CloneCD for SafeDisc 2.x but not 3.x as it is blacklisted in this version.

yes tryed hide cdr media or whatever disc keeps spinning but if i play the game from a normal cd rom i shouldnt need that option since it doesent read the atip right? i dont think this drive can do safedisc at all…

First, do your original cds work? If they don’t, then the copies won’t either.

Secondly, from what you say (i.e. cd just keeps spinning), it sounds as though your system is not recognising the burnt cds at all. This almost certainly means that your burns are simply bad rather than having anything to do with the copy protection. Try burning at a lower speed, using better quality media or both.

Philamer, he says he can do SecuROM games.

My tests with the LDW-851 showed that it could burn Safedisc v3.2 copies that worked from the JLMS 166s DVD only. It was unable to make a copy that played from itself. Also minimum burn speed was 8x. It would not burn any slower.
Also, when trying to rip an image from a copy made with the LDW 851 resulted in no bad sectors being seen on the cd. The usual ~800-10000 were present on the original however.
Tested with Painkiller. And Alcohol 120%

…my LDW-851S(GSOH BIOS) can burn Safedisc 3.2 (SC:PT) Safedisc 3.15xx(Far Cry CD vers.) But they will only play on my LTD -166S without emulation(and all copying proggies removed).With emulation they will authorize on either one of my drives(the ones listed and a TDK CDRW241040B too) except the LDW-851S.
However, I can confirm that the LDW-851S will copy new Securom 5 (Thief Deadly Shadows),…both as reader and writer without any probs and will authorize on any drive I have without any emulation and with all proggies removed .
When I burned the image on the TDK,…it needed emulation to work on any drive I own
CloneCD latest and Alcohol, and BWA builder for Thief 3 BWA file used