LDW-851S burning AND reading problems



Hi all,

Sorry for my first post being a help request but I’m just about to go completely nuts, as I have no money to replace my drive right now :slight_smile:

I had some issues burning to dvd using this burner in the latest months, even at 1x/2x speed (some files not readable in archive PC cds, some discs failing during lead-out, unbootable console backups, etc…) but I didn’t mind it too much.

My main problem as of today is that I get problems now while playing DVD movies (using PowerDVD), which has never happened to me before. I’m currently trying to watch season 2 of 24 on DVD and the drive just happens to “hiccup” every other 10 seconds, with a really annoying stop/block sound (and read light going off) then playing again etcetc and so on… like a console having trouble booting. On screen it translates as the video slowing down/stopping for a few secs (with sound hiccups) and then playing normally again for a few seconds loop. At first I thought my DVD could have been damaged but I just got the same errors with other DVD movies.

Out of despair - and not really knowing what I was doing - I upgraded the FW to GS0P, which amazingly enough resulted in the problem disappearing… at least long enough for me to watch the first DVD. The problem immediately came back, if not worse as I tried reading the second one.

I’m sorry that I can’t be more precise, provide more details and co., but I’m not really familiar or instructed with/about the jargon and specifics.

I guess my question will be: Is my drive dead or can I still fix this? and if I can - how? Hope one of you people can help me with this, because this is driving me insane :slight_smile: I hate computers sometimes.

Thanks in advance,


edit: I just started ripping my DVD to an ISO using DVD Decrypter and the “stopping/resuming” thing still happens every 10-20 seconds or so, resulting in a rather slow transcription :expressionless:

edit2: failed at 50% :frowning: screenshot here