Ldw-851 and verbatim dvd-r



I have tried burnding a verbatim dvd-r with every single firmware out there. It alwasy got stuck and would never work.

I’m not sure if it’s the verbatim brand or not but it shouldn’t be since verbatim dvd+r’s work.

I read that upgrading the 851’s firmware to the 812’s firmware will maybe fix this problem. I am scared of doing this since they are different models are there alot of risks in changing models firmware?



Where did you read about this upgrade?It seems very unlikely to me but…if only was true…it would solve a lot of problems, since, as you can read in my posts “burning outer tracks…”, I’m facing some serious problems with 851 and -R.
The last readable media I got was done burning a Verbatim MCC @2x…too easy this way, I know, me first, I would have kept the old Toshiba 2x writer…
In the end, can you quote the sources where you read about the upgrade?


I did not having problems burning DVD-R (princo,datamart)with my 451S@851S.But i did have probs with Verbatim silver DVD+R.Only if i would see them on my stand alone.But ewerything works on comp wery fine.So i think the problems are with stand alone and Verbatim.