Ldw-812s Or Sohw-832s?


please could someone help me with this problem?

i’m interested in buying a DVD writer, so far i’m sure that’s it will be a lite-on.
Only problem is i’m torn between LDW-812S and SOHW-832S.

The reason is this, i can purchase the LDW-812S for about 63 quid and the SOHW-832S for about 75 quid.

So do i go for the dual layer or wait and go for the single layer now, untill the dual layer media has come down in price and also there will be newer writers out by then which will be better and faster.

Is there any performance difference between the two writers?

please help me to get a good night’s sleep and clear mind on which one.

Many Thanks in advance



I bought the LiteOn SOHW-832s and so far i must say i love this Drive ok at the moment i have no chance to test DL but the burn results with 8x DVD+R RICOHJPN02 and DVD-R MCC 01 rg20 (4x) are splendid.
Good Media used with a good drive in my opinion.
Right after the Drive was shipped i flashed it to VS04 and it works perfect.
The bitsetting works too.

Also I’m very impressed of the great support comm. for LiteOn Drives so many Tools.

the next is want to try is CMC Media (4x).

i got myself liteon SOHW-812s. only had it for a couple of weeks and so far have had no problems. i use princo dvd-r’s with it. no problems encounted yet. 812s is flashable to burn DL.

Here is a scan of the only burn I made on my 812s@832s_vs04 firmware on cheapo 1x princo media I unfortunatelly have, burned at 2x. I have just flashed USON firmware since no DL media is or will be available for a while. From what code says the USON firmware works very well, but I will test it and see for myself.

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Since the price difference is so close I’d just get the real deal 832S and not have to worry about voiding the warranty with a 812S@832S flash.

But both are fabulous drives. :iagree:

Jg_iaz Can U Do Your Future LiteOn IT KProbe 2.1.0 Scans At 4x Speed And Not At Max.

I Good Scan 4 A Princo Never The Less :slight_smile: