LDW-811S won't burn TY 8x +R

Hi. I got some Taiyo Yuden 8x +R discs and they won’t burn in my drive. I get “Power Calibration Error” from Nero and DVD Decrypter. Nero also won’t let me choose a write speed higher than 2.4x.

I got these discs so I could burn at 8x. I was previously using some 4x -R Ritek discs and they all burned perfectly.

My drive is flashed to the latest firmware from Lite-On’s site, HS0R. The media ID on the discs is YUDEN000T02.

Tell me if I need to post more info. Thanks.

I finally found a program that would write to the disc, Alcohol 120%, but it will only do 1x. It’s writing right now and taking forever.

Probably these discs are not present in 811 firmware because these are recent discs whereas 811 is an old burner. The only way to burn these discs is to do a strategy change with omnipatcher.

The last firmware for the 811 has media support for YUDEN000 T02.

Get it here:http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares.html

That’s the one I have installed…

Also when the 1x burn completed, I tried to read the disc and it wouldn’t work. Nero Info Tool thinks the disc is still empty. I looked at the bottom side of the disc and sure enough you can’t tell where it’s been burned. Simulation was not enabled either…

Any other ideas to get this to work?

811 is a rather old burner. I have one but I never obtained good results.

I suggest you to buy a new burner.

If you can’t afford the expense, then try to use omnipatcher, but remember: using that you invalidate warranty, so read carefully instructions before to use it.

I think I will get a new burner, probably the NEC ND-3550A.

I would still like to figure out why these discs won’t work, when they are supported in this firmware release…

I also have a 811 and it is really picky about media, and also with high quality media results was rather bad.

Right now I use it only for experiments and to do full erase of rewritables.