Ldw-811s unable to achieve dma/udma

I have a problem with not being able to select dma/udma, i have at the moment ide1 master=80gig maxtor, slave dvd rom, hard drive is currently on udma mode 5, dvd rom udma mode 2, ide2=ldw-811s master, slave liteon cd rw 522446s(52x24x52) hope thats right. both of these are in pio mode and will not go to dma/udma, i am using the new ide cables eg 80/40 pin which are meant to be better for faster drives (blue/grey/black cables), in the device manger/ide ata/atapi secondary ide advanced setting, both liteon roms are on dma if available but mode pio and no matter what i try whether it be using different ide cables checking the bios, flashing firmware, removing ide ports and rebooting or switching roms round on both ide slots, they will not go to dma/udma mode, can anyone help me on this, i have emailed liteon and got no response whatsoever there totaly useless.

Os=xp service pack1 all up to date
mboard= epox ep-4sda5/4sda5+/4sda51 as it says in book not a clue exactly which it is ;( (all ide settings on auto)
cpu =p4 2.4
memory=512 ddr
G card =radeon 9700 pro

usging nero to burn dvd,s 2x takes approx 30 mins and this is the same for 4x, on 2x burner light stays on constantly and the buffers are 100 to 95% on 4x light is on and off and buffers 0 to 100% back and fourth.

if i am not wrong,
Win XP have a feature that will downgrade your IDE Controller speed whenever it accumulate a certain number of error count.

eg from UDMA-5 to UDMA-4… to PIO etc

not so sure about win XP SP1

try removing the IDE controller from the Device Manager.
After reboot your system should detect & re-install the controller by itself

good luck !

If the “removing IDE chanel trick” don´t work, try SiS drivers.
Check if this is your mobo, then install IDE drivers fron SiS

Post your progress. :slight_smile:

i have tried that a few times and rebooted with different ide cables in and each time xp re detects the ide controller and re installs whatever it does and the roms and i then re select dma if availbale but nothing happens. i even reformatted last week to see if had any efect but nothing. is there any other reasons why it would not switch to dma/udma

yer thats the moboard with Highpoint driver disk gonna try sis drivers now

tried the sis update from the url you gave me, installed it and rebooted, hard drive had gone up from ultra dma 5 to 6, everything else stayed the same, so i uninstalled the secondary ide channel from device manager ata/atapi set up and rebooted and xp re installed etc and both liteon roms were still on pio mode, as both were on dma if available i detatched the cd writer and booted up incase there was a hardware incompatibility between both liteon roms, and again dvd writer stayed on pio mode, just doesnt want to switch even though hard drive has gone up a stage. atleast something came out of it ;p

ps the bios is Phoenix 6.00 pg

Sorry, I´m on AMD(64)/VIA and… $ntel…
and I don´t have any experiance of SiS.


Check the BIOS as well once more…

Edit: I´m not sure, but some Highpoint controllers can work with CD, DVD drives as well…
Correct me please if I´m wrong.

right went back to bios and disabled highpoint/raid, but ive have not actually installed raid yet, anyways did that and then set the ide’s as, ide 1 primary master hdd maxtor and ide2 secondary master dvr rw ldw811s, so theres now just one on each ide, hdd still ultra dma 6 and dvd writer still in pio mode, i then removed secodary ide channel and rebooted but same again want switch to dma. any other idea peeps, its weird as my cousin has an asus a7v333 amd moboard and he can burn at 4x with full buffers in 15 mins and his is on ultra dma2 i think and so is another m8ts also has a7v333 moboard same writer, he has dma mode and burns at 4x. is there some kind of problem with Epox/sis and liteon???

Your 811 can burn @ 8X…

Make a test and connect your 811 on friends compu.
Then you will know for sure if it´s something wrong with your MB… :smiley:


Have you tried putting your HD onto your Raid controller not as Raid only as IDE, and then your 811s on IDE 1 as Master and the CD WR on IDE 2 as master and the DVD Rom as slave. I don’t know much about your Epox MB ,but I believe with most built in Raid controllers, you can use it as Raid or as a extra IDE, I use a MSI MB and next to the Raid controller there is a switch to select Raid or IDE.

just tried pintos idea of a another pc, took both liteon products dvd and cd writers round to a m8ts and put them in with my ide cables, turned machine on and hey presto both were on ultra dma 2, on the secondary ide ports, m8ts mother board is an asus a7v333, must be some kind of incompatibility with the chipset or moboard or something, any other idea peeps???

ps raid is disabled, unless i get another hdrive id rather leave raid out of it.
pss both lirteons are again still on pio in my machine