[LDW-811S]Suggestions for Write Strategy Replacement? CMC MAG E01

I’m currently running a 411S@811S.
I’ve tried a few types of media, and I find it strange how CMC MAG F01 (4x media) burning at a speedhacked 8x gives me better results than CMC MAG E01 (8x media) burning at 8x.
The F01 is much older media yet it burns much better (avg. 10-20 PI/ .02 PO) while the E01 gives me marginal quality (starts around 10 then continues up until 200-300 range/small PO then 40-50 near the end).
Any suggestions for write strategy replacement for the E01?
I’ve tried replacing it with the F01. The results are better but it still gets bad near the end (140 PI/30 PO).
I wish I could have some of that 4x F01 media, but all I have is the 8x E01, so any suggestions are appreciated.

I also have a (retired) 811s, but it is an original 811s. Don’t know if it makes any difference. Anyway I have 2 or 3 batches of that media also. They burn fine in my 811s.
It has HS0R patched with latest omnipatcher recommended tweaks and strategy swaps.
With PI ~10 and PIF ~.09. My suggestion would be to put in the same FW as I have and clear learnt media data with C0deking’s EEPROM tool (don’t forget to backup). Then burn 3 discs with for example CD-Speed and post scan of the last one. Hope you get good results.

I tried a YUDEN001 swap and the results are significantly better (avg. 9.42 PI/ .07 PO vs 13 PI/1.37 PO for a swap with F01)

My only concern is the steady increase as the disc progresses and the fact that there’s a fairly regular spike every few seconds.
It’s actually becoming quite a problem with any burn I’ve done.
Any ideas for solving that?
Is it possibly a “media learning” artifact?
(I have not tried the fixes you suggested yet, just wanted to post this test to show you what’s going on)

The PI levels are only fair, but the PIF levels (what’s of primary importance) are actually quite good in your scan, other than the single odd spike. A PIF total of 496, even with that spike, is very good. The large PIF spike appears to be a fluke, so it’s not a bad result overall. I don’t have that particular drive so I don’t have any suggestions for a write strategy replacement, but the above result is at least decent. Good Luck and try a few other strategies. Maybe try T02 since T01 was a step in the right direction.