LDW-811S stuck at 2x write, 6x read!



Yes folks, we have here yet another “stuck at slow speeds” problem. I haven’t burned any DVD’s in a while (thanks to a rather large 400gb HD), but once I needed to copy some data for a friend, I noticed that Nero 7 would only let me burn a DVD-R (I only use TDK’s) at 1x. I went to the Hardware Manager and found that every single IDE device connected was indeed running on DMA. I then updated my firmware to see if it would solve the problem (from HS0E to the newest HS0R). After doing so, I used Nero Infotool to check the drive, and found it at 6x read, 2x write maximum, and without the ability to even write DVD+R’s! Since then, I’ve even installed ForceASPI 1.7 to no avail, or anything.

When I bought the thing and for the whole time until now, it could burn at 8x on DVD+R’s no problem! I haven’t changed any of my computer’s other hardware…what’s going on?! Please help me solve this mystery!

Thanks in advance.


try unistalling the ide channels/drivers, reboot pc


Also remove the disk before starting infotool.


I took out the disk before starting infotool, and I just tried uninstalling the IDE channels. They all reinstalled after rebooting, and the result is still the same.

Any other remedies that could possibly help?


I have the same problem, there is no firmware support for new media, so it uses a defalt write strat resulting in slow burns and low quality.

so far I haven’t found a solution, except getting a new dive


There is a solution: using omnipatcher, you can enter in your new media’s code and assign its write strategy to whatever you choose (people here can help you with this).
I’ve been trying it out and for the most part it’s working, I’m just fine tuning the quality now.


I tried omnipatcher but still can’t get good burns. I only have 3 MIDs on hand right now though (cmc mag m01, e01, and TYG03) so there might be a disk out there that would give me better results. So far I’ve tried write strats for cmc mag e01, Yuden T02, MCC, and a few others on the CMC MAGs and TYG02 and TYG01 on the G03s. I can only get decent results with the stock FW on the CMC e01s @4x(costers at 6x & 8x), and suprisingly enough the G03s @2x with the default write strat (don’t 16x dvds hate low speed burns :confused: )


I have this drive, you need to try 8x verbs or TY or other media that is supported on this drive. It is a real shame that these companys dont see fit to give us updated fw to keep up with the new media. To the average user this will give a low opinion for the product.
And just how much money would it cost them to put out a lousy firmware.
I would also suggest going for the 40 bucks and get a new drive and use the 811 for reading.


Use 8x on CMC E01 w/ Yuden T01-01
Or you can try CMC E01 w/ CMC F01 strat
I’m still looking for a solution for my CMC M01 (Trying everything, to no avail)
Also, try enabling the early 8x shift (it seems my drive hates burning at 4x to 8x or 16x media, I get tons of PI errors in those zones on discs)

And I think I will be buying the SHM165P6S drive (it’s only $35) if I can’t find a working strat.


@happyland: thanks for the tips, I will definitely try those write strats, but with how inexpencive drives are now, I don’t even think it is worth my time to keep messing with omnipatcher for other media, not to mention all of the $ in the costers produced while trying to find the best write strat. Lite-on really raped us with this drive, I paid nearly $200 for mine (there might have been a MIR that brought it down a little, but I can’t remember for sure), then they stopped supporting it 6 months later.


I agree, there is no valid reason that they cant put out a firmware once or twice a year to update media codes. No loyalty to their clients :disagree:


I’m ready to ditch mine.
I got it (411S) for $70 about 2 1/2 years ago, and now drives are only $35ish


i still own and use a 811s mostly for +RW
for every new brand media i have to change the firmware for better results

the drive is too old i think thats a perfect reason buy a new computer :stuck_out_tongue: