LDW-811S refuses to re-burn DVD/RW

Hi all!
I have this problem with LDW-811S that shows no compatibility with DVD/RW regardless of the brand I buy it refuses to burn the media.
I have no problems burning + or - DVD/R but when it comes to RW I get the message that either the disc I am trying to burn is full or please insert a writable media.
I use smartburn and booktype utilities and can’t change anything except I get current disc booktype UNKNOWN :a

What could be the problem? Please help!

thank you

Try to do a full erase.

Do you have an error also when do a full erase?

In my experience with LDW-811S, the best thing to improve quality on rewritables is do a FULL erase before to burn data on disc. If you do a quick erase maybe TOC is not deleted correctly and burn software can see disc as full or not empty.

Hope this can help

Yes thank you I thought that too couple of times but no luck still have the same problem.
I use Alcohol as default burner but installed other burners like HA Burner and Drop to CD and erased discs. Same problem so I guess it is not an application problem but a hardware or media problem since booktype remains unknown
I really don’t know how to fix this unless buying or updating the drive Liteon does not update firmware for this drive since around this time last year

i use DVD decryptor it just overwrite the RW,s without [i think] erasing