LDW 811S, new firmware soon?

After over a year and several hundred problem free burns I bought some MXL RG03 discs and discovered that none of the Firmwares for this unit lists this media code so it defaulted to 2X! Why?, wasnt this media code out when the last firmware was released? (HSOR Sept. 04)
With the help of the utilitys on this forum I was able to swap the MXL RG02 write strat and got a decent 4X burn.
I just wonder why Liteon has not released an updated Firmware to “match more media”???
Have they given up support for this drive in less than 2 years???
I really like their products but would hesitate to buy another if the above turns out to be true. :a

i doubt that there will be a new firmware. the drive is too old.

Old is no reason for bringing out a new firmware.
It is just lousy support from Liteon.
A year ago you could even buy a 401S. So I decided, if Liteon does not bring out any firmware for older drives, to never buy something from Liteon anymore.

no other drive manufacturer releases as many firmwares as liteon.

they don’t release firmwares for older drives because of marketing strategies. if your drive doesn’t support new media codes/writing formats, you have to buy a new one so they make profit.

I really like Liteon drives and I sent them an E Mail asking about this, if they dont support this drive I would never buy another one.

will be difficult to find a manufacturer/reseller which supports older drives as noone does, except lite-on!

A drive that I bought only 15 months ago is not old in my book, it doesnt seem so hard to me for them to update to the latest batch of faster media, especially since older media like TY G01 is no longer made.

you haven’t find a new manufacturer yet…

I agree 100% LITEON has better support than most people think. They do release frequent firmware updates. Keep in mind times are hard and companies are saving on production costs and on spendings in general, in order to keep prices low and competitive.

LITEON has limited resources - I think they released a lot of firmwares for the 811S, now you can get a dual layer for quite cheap - It is normal for them to dedicate most of their resources on newer drives - Look at the 1633, I wish we had as much firmware updates as the 811S had… If you still use your 811S, you will need to find media that is supported which is not hard to find. I stick to RICOHJPN, TAYO YUDEN and RITEKR02 because they work fine for me.

That’s a bad attitude!

Your statement would hold true for the majority of manufacturers out there - The support life cycle of a product is much small now, as new products are released faster than ever. You buy one product now and months later it is obsolete.

I bought an EPSON scanner a while ago and 4 months later it was replaced by a new model and they stopped supporting the old.

That’s a reality that you will have to live with, and this is not only with LITEON.

Well I think it stinks on ice that they dont put out a lousy firmware to “match more media” How hard could this be? Resources my eye. :eek:
Lucky for me I was able to use the tools found in these forums to swap the write strat for mxl rg02 to mxl rg03 with excellant results.
Thanks to the folks who provide this info. :bow:
I will see if Liteon even answers my e mail, if not I will upgrade soon to a Pioneer or NEC

How about using MediaCodeEdit by ala42?

That is what I used along with Omnipatcher.
My burns were excellant, thanks again to the folks who developed these tools! :iagree:

Well keep writing to LITEON, call them, bug them until you get an answer it’s your every right.

To my surprise Liteon answered me and asked that I send them the media code that I was having problems with. I did and await the next reply.

GREAT! Let us all know when and if they reply to you next. What e-mail did you use to contact them ? tsd ?

Here is a copy of their 1st response, I have not yet heard back. Since I had already flahed my drive with the hacked FW I couldnt use smartburn so I sent them the media code with DVD Identifier.
Dear Customer,
Thank you for contacting LITEON Optical Drive support.
Could you please tell us more detailed information of the media for
The attached file was the SmartBurn.exe.It could check the media.
Please execute it and send the result in JPG format to us.

Would any further information, please kindly visit LiteON IT Corp official
web site - www.liteonit.com

If you reply do please include all previous emails.thank you very much!
Best regards,

Customer Service Division
Lite-On IT Corp. www.liteonit.com

■ Issue From :E-Mail Service ■
■ Issue DateTime is :2005/3/26 下午 03:13:12 ■

Many of the new blank DVD`s are not supported.
It has been over 6 months since your last Firmware release for this
drive. I need one to burn MXL RG03.
Please advise when will be the next firmware release for this drive.
Thank You

Well they answered today but it is not encouraging, this person doesnt seem to know crap. I replied to just advise when the next Firmware will be issued, I dont expect a positive reply.
Dear Customer,

Thank you for the message.
Did you check your drive properties to make sure DMA mode is open?
And could you please tell us whether you have the same problem with other

Best Regards,

Customer Service Division
Lite-On IT Corp. www.liteonit.com

■ Issue From :E-Mail Service ■
■ Issue DateTime is :2005/3/28 下午 12:09:23 ■

@ nickyboy4
I bet they wanted the Smartburn readout to see what firmware you are using…because you sent something else told them you probably are using modded firmware, so they played dumb as well(DMA?)…for fun, why not flash back to an official firmware and send them the smartburn file.

If they ask me for it I will do just that, I really belive the support people are not that sharp. Using modded firmware should not effect the fact that this drive NEEDS updated official firmware, what about the poor folks who dont know about modded firmware???