LDW-811S needs HELP!



This is my setup:

  1. Nero Vision Express ver.
  2. LDW-811S (default firmware, couldn’t find an official update)
  3. Memorex DVD+R 4x discs

I am trying to make DVDs of videos I recorded with my camcorder. So far I have not been able to play them on my home DVD player (GE brand) if it’s more than 5 minutes (works otherwise), but I can play them just fine on my PC DVD-ROM! And it’s not like it fails completely on my home DVD player. I can navigate the menus fine, and if I select the last chapter it will play fine but only the last chapter. Anyone know how I can resolve the problem? PLEASE HELP!!


First update your firmware from http://www.liteonit.com and make sure nero is upto date, a new version was just released a few days ago. Then test on a dvd+rw so u don’t waste any discs