LDW-811S can not read cd-roms



Hello, just installed the above dvd-writer in an HP computer. It looks like I can read DVD media but when I put in cd type media is doesn’t see them. Any thoughts except that I might just return it and try another one?


it looks like some 811drives have that problem dont know the reason yet

perhaps you can try other[newer] firmware


Already updated to the latest firmware.
The computer has a cd-writer installed in it already so I was able to use that to install the software for this dvd-writer. It’s an XP system also. I even tried removing cd-writer and just installing dvd writer, but still no good. “Device Manager” does have the drive listed and there are no conflicts. I used Nero info tool and it said I am missing ASPI files(2 of them) but I think they’re for recording audio cd’s.?.


nero tool says i have aspi installed en working properly

the problem for me is i never used the 811 for CD’s untill i read on the forum about this problem and i tried it result = dvd oke cd not

i cleaned the cd lens no effect