LDW-811S can anyone write at 1x?

I updated to HS0K and I cant get it to write 1x even if i select 1x on the programs i use (Recordmax, DVD Decryptor, Nero)

anyone know if the new firmware will allow you to burn 1x? All the media I got is 1x dvd-r media (trying to finish burning these so I can get faster media) but it always burns at 2x… they work fine in my dvd player and xbox but when I try on the player I have in the living room they sometime skip… where as before when I had a pioneer burner they played fine in both… i wanted to try to burn at 1x to see if it would make them play better in the other player…

any ideas… any way to FORCE 1x?? i dont want to go back a firmware because I tried those and it wont play in my xbox if i used those older firmwares

There is no way to force it to burn at 1x that I know of for sure.

I have seen posts saying you can’t burn at 1x, but I do it all the time with an E Performance DVD-RW disk…

at least I think thats the name…I am not in my country at the moment…might be Proformance

I can seem to write to my “cheap” DVD-RW discs - they take an hour to burn (unless 1x speed is 2hours???) .

Unfortunately they don’t actually work afterwards and aren’t even readable in the 811S!


currently on HS0E but I’ve been on them all!

Both of you are proabably using older firmware.

I can’t remember exactly what firmware version, but the newer ones increased minimum burn speed (on all media, supported or not) to 2x.

On the older versions unsupported media codes burnt at 1x.

nope…I used that disk on every and each firmware from HSOE to HSOP.

My mistake. I didn’t notice that you were talked about -RW.
Rest assured though that my statement is true for -R media :iagree: