LDW-811s burning CMC MAG M01 Issues



Is there any write strategy for the LDW-811s that would be able to succesfully burn the Memorex 16X DVD+R (ID: CMC MAG M01) media that I just bought at a 4x or 8x speed?

If not…I’m probably going to end up just buying a new DVD burner at this point because this isn’t the first time I accidentally bought media that the 811 didn’t recognize.

Thanks for any help.


I’d get a new burner because the LDW-811S didn’t have good strategies for the most common media, and besides, the LDW-811S wouldn’t handle the media that is currently available properly anyway.



or make your own " cmc mag mo1 " firmware see the read first threads on this forum


The FAQ has a way to add support for unsupported media…

But, in general, 16x media won’t burn well in a 8x drive, no matter which 8x drive it is (even non-LiteOn ones)… with the prices of 16x DVD burners nowadays (at least, if you buy online and not at one of those price-gouging brick & mortar stores), you might find it easier in the long run to just get a new one.