Ldw-811s back to 411s/401s?



i know its possible to convert a 401 to an 811 but can you buy an 811 or equivilant (by another brand) and make it a 401 for example? thanks


In theory, yes…

…but why on Earth would you want to do that?


because its for a LVW-5001 dvd with a nackered drive…


Ah… are you sure that the LVW uses a LDW-401S? I thought it used a DDW-401S or something.

In any case, a LDW-811S should work just the same as a LDW-401S. You will probably be better off renaming the LDW-811S to a LDW-401S than to actually flash it with a 401S firmware.

I’ll move this thread to the LiteOn DVD Recorder forum as there is more info there about replacing the drives in the LVW models…


See the drive change topic if you want to put it in a 5001. It should work fine as a 811. whomever just got his 811 working

Here is link to the topic