LDW 811S and SOHW 812S?


This post is linked with the : [Which DVD burner to get ?](http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=97601) (sorry for cross posting in two forums)  saw that there is a separate section for Lite-On drives after posting the above post. What I want to know is what is the difference between the LDW 811S and SHOW 812S? And which is better, with regard to media compatibility issues. Most of the time I’ll be using cheap DVDR brands. So I want to buy the drive with least compatibility issues. If Lite-On is known to have  lot of compatibility issues then I might stay away from it. So what are your suggestions ?  Thanks.

The difference is the writing speed.
Read this. And this review.

Liteon is a good choice. it can copy most protections succesfully and has good compatibility with all the media I’ve thrown at it. The ldw and sohw are differences in the model name. LDW is for liteon dvd writer I belive. And the SOHW, is for Sony Optical Hardware Writer. But they are both from liteon. Go for the 812s becaus it supports both +r and -r at 8x and it may be possible to get it to dl when the media is available. OF course you could wait for the sohw-1213s, which supports 12x+r 8x-r 4x+/-rw.

Not just writing speed. 812S uses a newer hardware (newer PUH unit, for example) and tends to perform better.

kwkard , have you burnt on cheap media like Princo , Sky etc… not brands like TDK, Sony etc…

Most of the stuff that I’ve burnt has been RICOHJPNR01. It usually is marked as tdk, memorex, maxell, and verbatim around here. I had a couple of ritek dvd-r’s that worked pretty well too, but haven’t used much cheap media. I would also advise not to use bad quality media if you care about what you’re burning

If you want to burn @ shitty media like PRINCO, AN31, AN32 and so on then stay away from LiteON. There are drives that can burn them far much better (NEC ND-2500A, Pioneer DVR-107D).
But - why would you use cheap media?

First because they are cheap ;-). And second, since I’m not living in USA , I don’t have access to a variety of good brands. So I might have to use what ever available. That’s the main reason I’m looking for a drive with highest compatibility. Another reason is that I’ll be mostly using DVDs to backup data and movies that are not going to be accessed frequently. So once you properly burn them on to a DVD it will last if you don’t use it often right? even with cheap brands.

Problem with cheap brands is that they may cost you in the long run. There’s a thread in the media forum with horror stories of people who thought that they had good Princo burns, only to see the discs degrade in just a few months.

im in Australia and purchased 100 4x Princo DVD-R’s when i purchased my 411s (and yes… im still using it as a 411s :stuck_out_tongue: i got a 2 years warenty on it and i dont wanna void it)

after reading all the bad posts i’ve seen about princo’s. i went and got the 1st princo disc i ever burnt with my 411 and kprobed it! i still had the origional screenshot to and i compared them and were virtually identicle. infact the latest 1 i did of it. the results were lower than the initial 1 but im sure nothing has changed on the disk as the numberes were so close together it could be related to the 411 rather than the disk. i also tried the 2nd one i burnt and the same result again. almost identicle. this is after a time period of about 9 months and i’ll be keen to find out how they are after a few more years,

Well, not all Princos are bad. But it’s a risk that, in my personal opinion, isn’t worth taking, especially if you won’t really know until it’s too late. Seems like you got some good Princos. You’re lucky. :smiley:

Even a broken clock is right twice a day…
Even if they were intentionally trying to create the worlds crappiest media they would produce some “excellent” ones just because of errors in the process… :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Save your time & data, NOT money on crappy media. :iagree:

  2. You certainly have access to Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemicals) media or something made by Taiyo Yuden, don’t you!?! :confused:

  3. Recordable discs degrade even if you do not use them! I mean: you burn it now and after 5 years when you will seriously need those data you will find out that the disc is fuc*ed up! :a :a :a And that is not worth it! :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. the media u choose is according the needs. If it’s for important stuff, you will buy and use expensive good media (price not always seems quality… for example TDK can’t garantee their dvd (i received a mail about this from tdk))

  2. if u make a backup on dvd and only need it in 5 years, probably the data are not so important. Unless Photo. But with photo buy good cdr and burn them on it.
    That is a thing that i noticed. I’m one that try to keep all that i can (games, films,…) after a few years i see that i never used the most i kept… So i threw most in the bin cause i needed room for other things. Life is changing and what is important for u today can be totally different tommorow. And most of the time in the informatic field… In the future, we will use new technology and so our good dvd (now) will be crap tommorow. So you always should remember that most of the back up u make now will go directly in the trash bin…

3.If you make film copies and you are a real film lover, you will buy the dvd because it will always (for the moment) be better than a copy. I usually make copy for my kids so if they broke the dvd, no prob… I keep the original. I have to add too that in my country personnal backup copy of game, cd, dvd are permitted if we own the original and if it’s only for our personnal use.

  1. if u want quality, forget the speed. Unless u have a good burner and good media, the result will be worse.

  2. media compatibility change with firmware update. So that’s not fixed.

  3. all what is recordable degrades with the time. Unless u put it in an anaerobic athmosphere. Actually the way your media degrades depends on its primal quality, the way you stock it (temperature, in the sun or in a box,…),… So data that u want keep, should be writen over and over on new media…

So, by thinking a little, u see that normally the way and time we use a media is short to mid term, not long term (most of the case). U will so be interrested by the media that gives a good mix between price and quality related to time and actually a burner that can burn it correctly.
In that case according to that both drives are liteon, i should choose the one that use the most recent technology. You will have more room to progress.