LDW 811S and DVD-R 8X

I have an LDW 811S and have had good results so far but I recently purchased some Memorex DVD-R 8X discs ans had 4 unsuccesful burns so I returned the discs as defective and purchased Verbatim DVD-R 8X and also had an unsuccesful burn. Formerly I had used Tdk and Fugi but they were 4X. The program says burn completed but they will not open in my home player and lock up power DVD about 3/4 through the movie

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Firstly you need to get [thread=93944]KProbe v2.4.2[/thread]. With this you can tell us the media code of your discs, by using Info/Disc, and then you can post some BLER scans of the discs that you have burned (use 4x scan speed). Also what version of the 811S firmware are you using and what speed did the 8x discs burn at (2x or 4x)?

BTW: To save and attach a KProbe scan:
After the scan is complete, click the small diskette button on the toolbar and at the save as dialog select a file type of .PNG. Attach the saved file to your post by using the “Manage Attachments” button in the “Go Advanced” or “Quotepost” mode.