LDW-451S (with GSB6)

Hi all, i’m Italian, and this is my first post here.
I have a Liteon 451S updated with firmware GSB6 but i have 1 big problem… i want to burn @ 1X, but when insert any DVD-R, any program record at 2X min. (Nero, RecordNow, alcohol 120%…).

Some example:
If i don’t insert any disc, nero show me the record speed as 1X 2X and 2.4X, but when i insert ANY DVD-R blank, immediatly change the speed selection to 2X or 4X but can’t view 1X.

RecordNow (same as PrimoDVD):
I select 1X at record speed, but whe appear the windows to conferm a record step, record report:
Selection Speed: 1X
Used Speed: 2X

Anyone have the same problem ?
Can i burn @ 1X ?
How ?
And can replace the old firmware ?

Thanks, bye and happy new year

sorry for my english…

LiteOn burners do not allow 1x burning on most media. The exception is media that is not supported for anything else BUT 1x.

If you want to burn at 1x, then use 1x media. DVD writers are different from CD Writers in that burning at a slower speed doesn’t always mean the discs will have better write quality. Discs are optimized to work at certain speeds, so there’s no reason to try to use other speed than what you’re offered.

I was able to burn my ‘craptastic’ Memorex DVD-R 1X-4X media at 1X with RecordNowDX 4.6. It came bundled with my 451s in the Sonic MyDVD package.

It should work with Ritek G04’s too.
I’ll have an update next week when I test them out.