LDW-451S DVD burn problem

Hello…new here. :bow: Need help!

I bought a LDW-451S just lately. I am having problems getting it to burn a data DVD (iso) using nero onto Memorex DVD+RWs. I updated the writer to the latest firmware. (as far as I can tell it is the latest)
Having problem with win98se and win2ksp4.
It burns CDs fine, but when I burn data to a DVD it goes through the motions and completes the burn, but when its done the disk is blank! My attempt to solve the problem for win98 included updating the aspi32 driver and installed the DCOM98 and NeroASPI patches. After I did that, the system saw the finished DVD as an audio disk! aaaahhhrrrgg. I am not sure if there are any patches for win2k that I should try??
I am stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :cool:

I guess my problem is too vague?

Could someone tell me if there is a media compatibilty list for the 451S drive?

Also, if this is a media compatibilty problem could flashing the 451S to the 851S firmware fix the issue?

Well, I’ve avoided answering this one because it is a very vague problem and can be caused by a wide variety of problems, from system setup to software to drivers to media to drive to firmware, etc.

It’s really just a very wide problem right now. Perhaps if you supplied some information, like the media code that was used, more details about your system setup, etc.