LDW-451S DLA cannot use this blank media

Hi folks,

Two days ago I got my first DVD writer LDW-451S and I am having some problems I can’t resolve myself.

I installed the software which comes wih the drive Sonic MyDVD + DVD XCopy, and I already have Nero 6. I went to the Liteon’s web site, downloaded and flased the firmware to the latest version SB7.

Now, for the issues. I burned one Maxell DVD-R using Nero and the process completed without problems. However when I try to read the disk I am getting the following error:

“DLA cannot use this blank media until it has been formatted. Would you like to format this media now?”

The funny thing is that the disk reads OK (after bunch of funny noises) on my DVD-ROM drive which is installed on the same machine. I am running XP Professional.

The second problem is that the video DVD-RW I’ve burned using the Sonic MyDVD can’t play on my Panasonic DVD-RV31, even the player is reported to play the media according to vcdhelp.com

Any help is greately appreciated. Sorry for the long post.


I just got one to and had heaps problems with -r dvd’s with movies and ps2 games changed to + r done 3 burns all success full. If anyone knows why I can’t burn with -r dvd"s let me know .
the 451s is suppose to do both…

Try uninstalling Sonic DLA to start with (it’s packet writing sofware and has been known to cause issues).
Second try re-burning the movie with the bundled RecordNow software. You should be able to find a copy on the Sonic CD. If you have problems finding it take a look here.
It could be a media issue. What type of media are you using (media code please, use DVDInfoPro to get it)?

Thanks fro the reply. Well, turned out my DVD burner was defective, and after two weeks of wasted time and frustration I’ve returned it to the seller. I decided to spend a little bit more money ($20 CAD) and I’ve got myself new NEC 2500. So far I am very happy with the unit, and I would reccomend it to any one. I gues this terminates my membership of the LiteOn club, which is a great community of nice people. Farewell folks.