LDW-451S and Taiyo Yuden 8x -R

I recently decided to purchase some Taiyo Yuden media, -R. I bought some certified 8x media even though my burner can only support 4x writing. I was going to get the 4x media, but it was over twice the price. I have a few questions:

1 - will my burner write well on these DVD-Rs? I’ve upgraded to the latest firmware, so it should support this media.

2 - Should I attempt to upgrade my firmware to the 832s one?

3 - Would I just be better off buying a new LG SuperMulti Drive for ~$60 CDN?

If possible I’d like to avoid buying a new drive as I’ve got a lot of other expenses coming up. I figure that it should burn fine since I’ve got the upgraded firmware, but the warning label on the package has got me a tad worried. I don’t want to waste any of these discs by making coasters.

The early Liteons favoured +R media, but as you’ve got the -Rs you might as well try them & disk quality scan at 4x to see the results.

This is a good write result correct?

As I said in my PM reply , yes this is good but scanning at 4x - which is what you should do - might give a different result.

I scanned it at 4x, and it seems a little worse. Still a good burn though, I think…

Still acceptable I guess. See what you get with Nero’s CD-DVD Speed - disc quality - at 4x.

Here’s the scan from the CD-DVD Speed. It looks more or less the same. It still looks like a pretty good burn. Do you think that it will help my burn quality if I flash the firmware to 832s?

Probably a little better scanning at 4x but acceptable.

I’ve a 851 which I flashed to the 832s & I think this firmware has been updated recently (CG5J) on the codeguys site so worth a look I guess. With an old burner you’ve little to loose anyway but I think the cross flashing is pretty safe.